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> No.  Anyone I ever worked with would have considered such weapons
> dishonorable instruments of torture.

Unfortunately not all military and government personnel and agencies
share this opinion.  Deniable and remotely applied torture and conditioning
devices fit in with the wishes of certain intelligence sectors -- which are not
exactly known for a recognizable concept of honor.

> I've just visited
> It's interesting that if the review above is correct,
> the Marine Corps, who are serious soldiers,
> have refused to adopt such weapons.

Actually, the Marines are one of the leaders in developing and
deploying such weapons.  The experience in Somalia is often cited
as illustrating a need for intermediate options in Operations Other
Than War.  Here in the US the continuing militarization of law enforcement
means that military and war techniques are more and more being used
against the domestic population.

Allen L. Barker

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