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>Hmmmm... I'm just starting to read in bionet.neuroscience this night...
>seems that those on the "side" of "the way thing've been" are a bit
>"Concerned" about the possibility that I'll make NDT's archival stuff
>available to folks. This's "interesting".

"Concerned" is a very significant keyword.
This is a magnetic signal used by the bio-robots to unite
in conspiracies, as they feel endangered when someone exposes
their true faces.

So they get "concerned". They even have organizations named
"Concerned citizens", carrying out the shit of unbelievable
proportions, stopping at no place, but utter anihilation of
the subjects of their "concern".

They are basically fascist organizations, full of prejudice,
bound together with "common interests" [of sucking blood
of all others].

Once you see this word: "concerned",
know real well, you are dealing with the worst monsters
there are ANY place, in heaven or hell, for that matter.
They won't stop till they utterly destroy you.

Ok, so what is the next subject?

>In my case, since folks were in public-discussion with me, I have not
>only the Right, but the Obligation, to post their msgs if I post my own
>msgs. To do otherwise would be to allow folks to be exposed to
>imaganery-wondering... and, since I Know how much such Imagined stuff
>can Cut, I also Understand that the =only= way to Protect folks from
>such is to post the entire context.

Don't funken even bother rationalizing, or trying to wash out
the traces of guilt, you might have, as you are being controlled
by it from within.

There is basically a single issu that can possibly prevent you
from publishing the stuff on the internet:
copyright, assuming you are not dealing with criminal type of
activity on the fist place.

Now, there are very clear definitions of copyrightable material.
The public discussions of any kind do not fall into that category.
Zo ...


>"BLOXY"... don't let the those who "jump" your posts (=including me=
>(Sorry)) get you down. ken collins

I won't. I simply have no choice. The shit is expected.

There are some tricks those suckazoids do not realize
are at play.


They suck, any way you cut it. Just as advertized.

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