On the line or over the line?

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Fri Dec 18 22:16:18 EST 1998

I stand on what I've posted. K. P. Collins

Richard Norman wrote:
> I, too, was about to post a query about the "largest number of
> consecutive postings by a single individual on a single subject".
> Perhaps we should go back to the days of the aspartame
> crew!
> To K Kollins -- you are entitled to your opinions, but you really
> only get one shot at any topic.  If you are so prone to revising
> and adding on and appending, why don't you simply keep quiet
> until you think out just what your position really is. Then edit it for
> brevity and clarity of thought, and post exactly once.  Your
> current behavior is an abuse of the system of free exchange of
> ideas and information.
> F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <75cm7h$if4 at sjx-ixn9.ix.netcom.com>...
> >
> >
> >Of the 12 headings my browser pulled up this evening, 9 were by
> >kkollins--including this one the fifth in an un-interrupted string.  I
> >realize the fellow is having a hard time maintaining his self-image,
> >but must he do it in a public space, crowding out other members of the
> >newsgroup?  Would this document sufficient abuse (given that this is
> >NOT an unreprsentative sample of his behavior) for his internet service
> >provider to take action?  Less dramatic than the Desert Fox operation
> >and stock market fluctuations, but simple and to the point?
> >
> >Do others in the newsgroup see a problem here?  Do others see a
> >solution?
> >

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