Mike NIGHT don't at
Sat Dec 19 16:43:26 EST 1998

Roinestad wrote in message <367C0C3A.1A7F at>...
>But two thousand years ago
>the I AM came into this little universe
>as the Gift from God
Really? Then how come Gift/Hope in Hebrew is called "MithNite"?
Is that a coincidence?

>to be born as a child on this grain called earth.
>He went to the cross in our stead
>so that if we trust in him alone for eternal life

"But remember that "the Night" of the watches
Did not commence with his birth
But with his death on the cross."
Gee I don't remember being Jesus,
so let's deal with what we do know NOW for how are you to repsect and obtain
the Message if you worship a dead vessel and dead name?  You won't even
trust or appreciate or respect me for what eternal gift I gave you which
makes your post Hypocritical.
Now you know what the term "Father of Eternity" really means.

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