Non-lethal weapons acting via external manipulation of the CNS

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Fri Dec 18 23:30:09 EST 1998

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> I stand on what I've posted.

> [...]

> Jesus Taught with respect to such (paraphrase)... "folks who save their
> lives will lose lose them." (That is, folks who endeavor to manipulate
> others to ward their own ends, will be discovered, and the "measure with
> which they've measured will be measured back to them".)

Check-it-out... the Stuff I quoted, above, translates =Directly= into TD
E/I-dynamics... with respect to Physical Reality, it, in fact,
translates =only= into TD E/I-dynamics... (look-and-See... the dynamiics
of "Inversion" (AoK, Ap4, Ap5, Ap7, Ap8) are In-There, too... as is an
Explanation of Why "Aggression" happens and Why Forgiveness is
Necessary) it's like this throughout the New Testament... the Language
used by Jesus is "just" that Exceedingly-Precise with respect to the way
our nervous systems process information.

(I understand that this's all "difficult".) Cheers, K. P. Collins (ken)

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