Do biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"? Ross Tessien answers!

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Fri Dec 18 22:59:09 EST 1998

Sir, as your post applies to the stuff =I've= posted, I don't disagree
with you... it's my Greatest-Sorrow stuff... I'm "damned if I do, and
damned if I don't".

Faced with such, I just Decided to Damn the "damns"... as Adm. Faragaut
did during the U. S. Civil War... "Damn the torpedoes, full speed

Of course, I'd prefer it if folks'd just discuss the few simple things
that're in AoK, but if folks Choose not to do so, while there's nothing
I can do about such, I'm still Obliged with Respect to that around which
there is no way. K. P. Collins

[P. S. I Understand that my quoting Great folks will be used, by some,
to sspread more B.S. about me. It's just that I See that the folks I
quote are Worthy of the quoting... I do so in the Hope of Reminding
folks that what Is =Is=, largely be-cause some had Courage in the face
of Whithering "odds". I look on these Folks as being among my
Teachers... and It gives me Joy to Lift-Them-Up in the Light... but more
than that, through the Living of these Great-Ones, I See that Hope
Exists. (I admit, however, that I'm just Curious with respect to the way
folks seem so-Oblivious to the Actions-Taken by these Others upon which
is Founded the very-Exixtence of all that folks hold Dear... it's
so-Interesting that folks'd be so-Blind to what, if it weren't, would
probably mean that they'd not-Be, either... to me, that it's so, is
Surrealistic.) kpc]

"Sir Knowitall" wrote:
> [...]

> I believe this "conceptual simplification" is in most cases a very sensible
> approach, and one that most biologists would readily and appropriately
> defend by a statement that could read something like:
> For pragmatic reasons it is important to keep things simple and immediately
> relevant, enough for there to be a great enough chance of achieving usefully
> workable results ----- i.e. results not necessarily workable in a way by
> which a philosophically motivated searcher manages to put her/himself into a
> state (always a self-regulatory state) of feeling "all-knowingly good".
> "Sir Knowitall"
> P.S.
> I always try to put my best "FOOT" [Foremost Overview Of Truth] forward.
> It is a fact of life that this sometimes means that I cannot avoid stepping
> on someone else's "TOE".
> :->

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