Do biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"? Ross Tessien answers!

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Fri Dec 18 21:26:17 EST 1998

>From: Ross Tessien <Tessien at>
>The thing that is amazing to me, is that biologists think in terms of auto
>assembly or little molecular machines to assemble the components of DNA.
>But they fail to take one step further back to realize that there must be a
>mechanism for accomplishing that feat in spacetime itself.  Spacetime, must
>have the genetic information in it.  Otherwise, you could not call atoms
>into the correct locations and end up with, Biology.


Dear Ross,

I believe this "conceptual simplification" is in most cases a very sensible
approach, and one that most biologists would readily and appropriately
defend by a statement that could read something like:

For pragmatic reasons it is important to keep things simple and immediately
relevant, enough for there to be a great enough chance of achieving usefully
workable results ----- i.e. results not necessarily workable in a way by
which a philosophically motivated searcher manages to put her/himself into a
state (always a self-regulatory state) of feeling "all-knowingly good".

"Sir Knowitall"

I always try to put my best "FOOT" [Foremost Overview Of Truth] forward.
It is a fact of life that this sometimes means that I cannot avoid stepping
on someone else's "TOE".

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