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Fri Dec 18 19:23:34 EST 1998

Terry Smith wrote in message <1f3_9812180849 at>...
>> From: "John" <johnhkm at>
>> Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:17:53 +1000

>Don't set up straw-men, John. No-one has made that claim. As you say, we
>initially gave him respect, saw what he had to say, then reached the
>conclusion that we are dealing with a genuine net-kook.

>The abuse is one attempt to make the prolix self-deluded megalomaniac find
>somewhere where his amusement value might be appreciated.

Your criticism is correct Terry, but I should add that such a claim was made
(two occasions, not in this thread). My error was in applying it to
everyone's motivation.

My main concern is that this thread is so long. I agree that kkollin's
postings are hopelessly obscure and he posts mountains of material, but by
'taking him on' we are giving him warrant to continue. By way of example,
consider how much energy some are exerting against kkollins. I had my shot
at this myself but having seen so many of his ilk on the net these days I
prefer to say my piece to them and leave it at that. I fear that my
continually responding to such individuals we are only playing into their
hands. He replies to every rebuttal.

I am a layman. I have found this ng very useful. For many coming for the
first time to this ng however, the sight of such threads as "so long" can be
very discouraging for them. Sci.anthropology and sci.anthropology.paleo went
down the same road some months ago, the consequence being that a good number
of the professional and responsible posters have deserted those ngs. These
days if I want to catch up on human evolution I go to archives etc, those
ngs are
dead. I hope that doesn't happen here, even though I am incapable of
understanding many of the threads.

This remains a good ng but the problem with neuroscience is everyone wants
to answer the big questions. (I'm quite content with a few little answers
and don't expect any big answers in my lifetime.) So kooks will abound and
while they can be an extreme nuisance I remain doubtful that taking them on
is the answer. Perhaps this thread should now become: SKA: Strategic Kook
Attack. Just how can we deal with this problem?



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