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Sat Dec 19 02:58:43 EST 1998

Another correction.

You mentioned the Indian math whiz chandra ... My response was incorrect.
The mathematician I had in mind was Srinivasa Ramanujan. I believe that to
this day they are still going through his notes.

The math whiz you had in mind was Chandrasekhar, who came up with an
important theorem in cosmology: Chandrasekhar's limit: the maximum possible
value for the mass of a white star. He was a young Indian to be research
student on his way to England when he derived the value. Some student!


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>kkollins at wrote:
>> Mendelson... who's work did meet with Presumption similar to that which
>> you've Expressed.
>Sorry. (Especially to John and Sir.)
>I tend to group Mendel & Mendeleev "together" because the way I
>"Address" their stuff derives in the Great-Organizing Principles that
>they each brought to Light.
>It's not bee a "loss", however... caught NPR Celebrating my typo this
>afternoon [no smiley face]... anyone else catch the News articles
>discussing the "merits" of having a "spook" as "president" of NPR? K. P.

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