Mind.forth Programming Journal: 13 DEC 1998

Stephen Rondeau sbr at halcyon.com
Sat Dec 19 02:58:39 EST 1998

>Mind.Forth is the second implementation of Mr. Murray's theory of
>artificial mind.  I was impressed by the first implementation of the
>theory in Mind.Rexx.  I spoke to the author who interestingly enough
>had just extended Rexx to a parallel language with the Linda parallel
>programming extension.

I'm afraid Jeff Fox got a little confused about who did what, as he met with
me instead of Mr. Murray, and I was the one who extended Rexx (Rexinda
is the product name) to utilize the Linda parallel programming model. While 
Mr. Murray's work endures and is an active project, the Rexinda product
never really got anybody excited and is now dormant.

Stephen Rondeau

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