A question re LTP (was a dyslexic mistake should be LTP) during opioid-mediated or (otherwise mediated) consciousness-cancelling anaesthesia

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>Hello all!
>I can remember having read one science-journal report about a nitty-gritty
>laboratory experiment that found that a single neuron was able to undergo
>memorisation changes towards "Long Term Potentiation" as a result of the
>impact of signals from ONLY one out of two or more of the types of afferent
>excitatory fibres that it was targeted by, even while the other type(s) of
>excitatory fibre-input was pre-synaptically gated (i.e. artificially gated
>as part of the experiment).
>My problem is that I have forgotten, and can not find my most likely
>permanently lost scribbled-down notes about, precisely what was studied,
>where and by whom.
>Can somebody who knows please re-supply me with answers to who did this
>experiment or a closely similar experiment, and when and where was the
>result published?
>[This reference would go towards further supporting/substantiating the
>notion (already backed by other less nitty-gritty observations) that
>memory/learning imprints can accumulate whilst the individual in whom an
>experience is being recorded is kept unconscious by his/her own
>pre/sub-consciously self-regulatory gating reflexes.
>It is of relevance to the transformation (or as if "putting") of "Specific
>Hibernation Imploring Type (life-)Situations" into a correspondingly
>specific insidious states of "Conditioned-in Unconsciously Retained (SHITS
>type) Stressors Effecting (Spin-off-)Symptoms".]
>Thanks in advance,
>Peter F

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