Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at scully.tamu.edu
Sun Dec 20 12:45:21 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
: [A Sorrowful "aside"... I went online to bionet.neuroscience this night
: for the sole purpose of writing this msg. I was connected while writing
: it. While doing so, I noted repeated disk-accesses of a substantial
: nature... I disconnected, and unplugged my phone line, and the disk
: accesses Ceased Immediately... the "experts" were uploading from my HD
: en masse.
: I'm Dis-Heartened with you, my Colleagues in Neuroscience, that you
: "move away from" ("turn your backs upon") these Cruelly-Brutal, Illegal,
: Dynamics which Steal Life, itself, from me, and Relegate me to a "state"
: of Being-Virtually-Imprisoned.
: In this, You Allow Innocents to be Savaged, Ravaged, and Slaughtered.
: Kindly, =Wake-Up=. K. P. Collins]

The technician responsible for that has been canned.  We should
have a new one in a couple of days -- one who won't forget to
disable the disk access light.

By the way, we're not downloading your hard drive.  Instead, we
are randomizing your hard drive.  For some reason, it makes more
sense when randomized.  Only after it is sufficiently randomized
will we begin downloading it.

So if you encounter any further problems, let us know so we can
can the person responsible and hire a new Disk Randomizer
Technician II.

While we're at it, we have hired a new Brain Randomizer Technician
I who is installing his equipment across the street from you.  The
equipment should be setup and tested shortly after the holidays.
Please be patient until then.

Eric Johnson

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