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Maybe you should try reading the paper completely (or ANY paper
completely) before torturing us with more dribble.  CREB is a
transcription factor, the role proposed for memory is relatively straight
forward, how did you possibly turn that into the dribbling nonsense found
below? Did you even read the abstract?

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kkollins at concentric.net wrote:

> I've read "CREB and Memory", A. J. Silve, J. H. Kogan, P. W. Frankland,
> and S. Kida, Annual Review of Neuroscience, 1998 21:127-48
> (incompletely... after a point in my reading, it was clear that there
> was no reason to continue.
> If one reads this paper, with an eye on ionic conductances, one
> Sees-Clearly that the thing that Determines CREB's role in "memory" is
> ionic-conductance-gradient Dependent... that is, there's an Observable
> "time"-correlated-sequencing (an Order) that Determines these molecular
> correlates of "memory".
> The paper is over-flowing with Verification of such.
> The easiest way to get a handle on such is from the the the way that
> massed training fails to overcome CREB(alpha-delta[minus]), while
> spaced-training does.
> Read AoK's discussions of "randomness" (TD E/I(up) in Ap4, Ap5, Ap7, and
> Ap8, then study the "ramp architecture" as it's discussed in Ap3, Ap5,
> Ap6, Ap7, and Ap8... in other words, develop a firm grasp of the nervous
> system's "special topological homeomorphism" (AoK, "short-paper"), =and=
> the way that TD E/I occus within it.
> The massed-training constitutes a relatively-random TD E/I be-cause, in
> it, the TD E/I-min mechanisms are relatively overwhelmed.
> In the spaced-training trials, the TD E/I-min mechanisms are able to act
> in a way that's "normal" (relative to the the way they are unable to act
> in the massed-training).
> With respect to the overall neural topology, in the massed-training
> trials, there is relatively-little formation of dynamic
> "ramp-architecture" (AoK, Ap3, Ap5, Ap6, Ap7, Ap8), but in the
> spaced-training trials the formation of such dynamic "ramp-architecture"
> "approximates" "normality" (relative to the results of the
> massed-training trials).
> What such discloses (to folks who've a handle on the neural topology) is
> that, since the topologically-distributed "ramping" has been Verified
> (as above) to be Necessary, the CREB dynamics are "time"-sequenc-Order
> Dependent.
> In other words, the CREB dynamics constitute a molecular-level
> "ramp-architecture"... that is, the molecular-sequencing "reflects" the
> "ramp-architecture" inherent in the local neural topology in which the
> molecular dynamics occur... all that's happening is that, if a "memory"
> is to be encoded, the dynamics through which that encoding occurs =Must=
> be "time"-sequenced in a way that reflects the energy gradients inherent
> in the ionic conductances flowing within the neural topology.
> Get out a pencil and paper, and draw some "ramps" (right-Triangles
> ("inclined-planes") will do... then chart the molecular dynamics, in a
> "time"-sequenced way, upon the "ramps"... when you do so, if you
> Look-and-See, you'll find Rigorously-Coupled ionic conductances which
> are, themselves, Rigorously-Coupled to the Macroscopic Neural Topology.
> Not only is this how "memory" is formed, it's also how it's Addressed...
> and, be-cause it all reduces to the ionic conductances, the
> information-storage Capacity of these "memory"-encoding is =Immense=
> (I've not been able to find it's "limits", and be-cause the ionic
> conductances can be varied Continuously, I expect that neither will
> anyone else find such "limits".)
> Do you get-it?
> The ionic conductances =Determine= the dynamic molecular-level
> "ramp-architecture", and this, simultaneously =Determines= the
> "time"-sequencing inherent in to molecular-level dynamics, both in
> "memory" encoding and in "memory Adderssing... it's =Exactly= analogous
> to "inclined-planes" in Physics 101.
> There's just one "technicality" to get-straight... there Exists no such
> thing as "time", so, in doing the sequencing of the molecular dynamics,
> one =Must= order things via energy gradients... which, Look-and-See, are
> "just" the ionic conductances :-)
> Please =Forgive= me if I "Chide" Folks, a-bit... =all= of what's
> discussed in this msg has been right in AoK all along... but only for
> those who took the "time" to Learn the Neural Topology. K. P. Collins
> [A Sorrowful "aside"... I went online to bionet.neuroscience this night
> for the sole purpose of writing this msg. I was connected while writing
> it. While doing so, I noted repeated disk-accesses of a substantial
> nature... I disconnected, and unplugged my phone line, and the disk
> accesses Ceased Immediately... the "experts" were uploading from my HD
> en masse.
> I'm Dis-Heartened with you, my Colleagues in Neuroscience, that you
> "move away from" ("turn your backs upon") these Cruelly-Brutal, Illegal,
> Dynamics which Steal Life, itself, from me, and Relegate me to a "state"
> of Being-Virtually-Imprisoned.
> In this, You Allow Innocents to be Savaged, Ravaged, and Slaughtered.
> Kindly, =Wake-Up=. K. P. Collins]
> [(c) K. P. Collins, 20Dec98]

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