A Quiry to Develop New Anesthetic.

Charles Frederick Goodin cgoodin at sfu.ca
Sun Dec 20 18:45:23 EST 1998

In article <OGl1wWGL#GA.275 at upnetnews02.moswest.msn.net>,
The Flavored Coffee Guy <elgersmad at email.msn.com> wrote:
>    Not too long ago I was watching Aurthor C. Clarks Universe, which is
>similar to Unsolved Mysteries, but much more scientifically oriented, and it
>was about Zombification.  A Voodoo, High Priest gave up his secret for
>making zombies, which really wound up being a form of poisoning cause by a
>puffer fish.  The Japanese consider the fish a delicacy, but in the same
>hand if the fish isn't cleaned in an incredibly short period of time it will
>become toxic, and poison whom ever eats it.  It is also known as the toad

I wouldn't call Universe similar to Unsolved Mysteries...I don't remember 
any criminals ever being caught because they appeared on Universe, while 
that seems to be the main function of UM.  BTW, the whole zombie toxin 
thing has been gone over many times, and I think it is used medically for 
something or other (IIRC).  See Davis' _The Serpent and the Rainbow_ for 
an account of its discovery.


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