A.I. Robots: Are we doomed?

Rick jones monosistema at mail.telepac.pt
Sun Dec 20 17:23:18 EST 1998

On Wed, 16 Dec 1998 08:49:25 -0800, Robert Sheridan
<rsheridan at cgsd.com> wrote:

>Leif Bloomquist wrote:
>> Rich Walker wrote:
>> > > On a serious note, though, I have to constantly explain to people WHY we
>> > > don't have Microsoft products controlling our 50-ton robots.
>> >
>> > I take it your answer now consists of two words:
>> >
>> > USS Yorktown
>> Wasn't there a Star Trek: TNG Episode where an alien computer 'virus'
>> wiped out a Galaxy Class starship called the USS Yorktown????
Actually i barely trust microsoft products on my pc and that is
because almost all software is made for their products as well as
In the manner of TNG we cant forget the episode where that
computerized species took over the enterprize

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