A Quiry to Develop New Anesthetic.

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Sun Dec 20 17:16:02 EST 1998

    Not too long ago I was watching Aurthor C. Clarks Universe, which is
similar to Unsolved Mysteries, but much more scientifically oriented, and it
was about Zombification.  A Voodoo, High Priest gave up his secret for
making zombies, which really wound up being a form of poisoning cause by a
puffer fish.  The Japanese consider the fish a delicacy, but in the same
hand if the fish isn't cleaned in an incredibly short period of time it will
become toxic, and poison whom ever eats it.  It is also known as the toad

    When the voodoo priest dries, and powders the fish he adds it to
something that his future zombie will eat.  The toxins must be placing most
of the cells of the human body into a dormant state because, the individual
who has ingested this toxin remains alive for as long as three days without
a detectable pulse.  The entire metabolism of the person effected by the
toxin is slowed down to a point that they cannot be diagnosed as alive by
any normal scientific means.  The only area of the brain that showed damage
as a result of the toxin was the Red Nucleus using an MRI scan as a means of

    Here is a case scenario, there is a terrible car accident, and the
patient was nearly severed into several pieces, but when the EMTs arrive
there is still a pulse.  They administer the purified toxin to place the
brain, and connected body parts into a dormant state.  The patient is then
rushed to the hospital, and apparently dead.  Since, the toxin changes the
metabolism of the patient on the way to the hospital, they will appear to be
dead.  This lends time to the surgeons to place the severed members of
patients body into ice, and enable the micro surgeons time to piece back
together the patient with a very very low heart rate, very little bleeding,
at a very low blood pressure, with cells that are nearly dormant.  Twenty
hours later the patient is starting to show a pulse again, and will be
recovering from a multiple event micro surgery.

    If an objective study is done for the sake of developing an anesthetic
from the toad fish's neural toxins, then such scenarios will prove to be
successful in all forms of long surgical procedures including certain forms
of transplant surgery.

    My best guess at what a proper procedure list would be to aquire the
information  needed to use the toad fish's neural toxins as an anesthetic
would be making an objective of finding the proper dosage to torso weight
ratio as opposed to body weight ratios. Evaluating the dosage levels of the
toad fish's isolated neural toxins independently is by utilizing cloned
human cell responses in mediums on a organ per organ cell type condition.
Using cultures such as those maintained at Harvard University, and other
Colleges, and Universities that do maintain such cell cultures.  Some people
don't know that just cells, and not embryos exist in a cloned state, or a
medium.  Measure, and evaluate the metabolism of human cells, and their
reproduction during the time that they are exposed to the toxins to find a
dosage level in parts per million.  Then apply it to monkeys revising the
formula to weight ratios, to finalize the by weight dosage levels per
injection, and define the approximate time frame that the patient would
remain in a dormant state safely into milligrams to weight.  Analyze the
changes in oxygen  levels in the blood stream, and assess the damage to the
red nucleus of the monkey's brains under MRI scans after being put under.
Limit the damage to the red nucleus and define safe levels of toxin to a
fine point.  Then measure the extent of damage resulting to the longer terms
of anesthetization, and develop a table of time under to brain damage.
Derive an instruction course for existing anesthesiologists based on the
oxygen levels, and blood toxicity result that would be anticipated as a
result of using the anesthetic.  All of the  blood toxin/oxygen ratios are
going to change when using the toad fishes toxin as an anesthetic, but the
time frame that a surgeon will have to finish his work will be extended
hopefully to more than twenty four hours safely with the only area of the
brain that might suffer damage being the red nucleus.

    Any real scientist that knows anything about medications, know this
gonna take about ten years for FDA approval if it's reliable.

The Flavored Coffee Guy.

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