Off-topic posts (was Re: So-long...)

kkollins at kkollins at
Sun Dec 20 03:51:35 EST 1998

I Believe Your CORRECTION is accurate with respect to what I'd intended
to post... your Reference was my intended Reference.

No "Excuses" on my part... I'm just Falling-Down Tired, and I knew
anyone who wanted to get-it would get the gist of my post... the
knowledge that is there to guide folks' convergence is that I'm very
Keen on behalf of those who "science" has Ravaged.

I do Apologize for my Error. ken collins

John wrote:
> Another correction.
> You mentioned the Indian math whiz chandra ... My response was incorrect.
> The mathematician I had in mind was Srinivasa Ramanujan. I believe that to
> this day they are still going through his notes.
> The math whiz you had in mind was Chandrasekhar, who came up with an
> important theorem in cosmology: Chandrasekhar's limit: the maximum possible
> value for the mass of a white star. He was a young Indian to be research
> student on his way to England when he derived the value. Some student!
> John.

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