blood supply and I.C.P.

Mike Souter msouter at
Mon Dec 21 11:15:07 EST 1998

bruno chereul wrote in message <75ilkn$shl$1 at>...
>I'm a french physician. Neuro I.C.U. specialist. I'm looking for
>biophysicians and concerned specialists by Ischemia and astrocytes swelling
>during head traumas as well as not vasospasms but narrowing and arteritis.
>Help because I think all about I.C.P. consensus papers seems wrong.
>People are in great confusion with blood supply, MCRO2 and pressure
>I'm looking for "marvericks"!

Do you mean ischaemia due to reduced perfusion at the capillary level
because of PMN adhesion & inflammatory factors, because if so, this is not
such a maverick view with several research groups actively working on
relationship of inflammatory mediators to clinical events & outcome

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