Brain Stem Injury

tamuller91 at tamuller91 at
Tue Dec 22 00:55:48 EST 1998

I was rear-ended on a surface street about a month ago.  My chiropractor is
referring me to a neurologist now because I am still experiencing considerable
pain in my back, in addition to some loss of cognitive function
(disorientation, inability to focus on tasks, forgetfulness), as well as
numbness (just as if novacaine were wearing off) in the nip of my nose and
upper lip, which has not lessened.

Can anyone give me some insight into how being rear-ended can result in a
brain stem injury?  My chiropractor was quite concerned and I'm frightened. 
I have an appoinment to see the neurologist in two days.  (The car that hit
me was a 3/4 ton pickup going 45+ mph and I was nearly stopped).  I was
driving, leaning forward and looking right, but didn't even have a neck brace
issued at the ER and I didn't think anything this serious could result.  (The
car was totalled, however).

Thanks for any help that could enlighten me and/or calm my fears.  Or any help
at all!

T.A. Muller

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