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Wed Dec 23 16:28:42 EST 1998

I know that this may be a strange question, but I've always heard that old
cliché that human beings on the average only use about ten percent of their
brains. My kids and I were talking about that, them asking what the other
ninety percent was for. But I guess my question is: What do "people" (namely,
those who have some kind of background in neuroscience) mean when they say
that we only use ten percent? Does that mean that there are actually places
in everyone's brain that remain dormant, never, or hardly ever, used? Or does
it mean that at any one time we have ten percent of our brain capacity
functioning? It could also be some other perspective that I hadn't
considered. It could also be just something that people say, but it's more
mythic than anything else.

Anyone's ideas on this or a source I could consult for this would be

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