Do biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"? Ross Tessien answers!

Jacques Barbet Jacques.Barbet at
Wed Dec 23 14:22:01 EST 1998

patanie at wrote
>Most biologists are very down to earth.,as compared to phycists.
>This is due,it seems to me,that Biology does not require a lot of
>mathematisation and,worse,hyper-mathematisation which makes you lose sight
>the ground!!!
Most biologists do not indeed use much mathematics. This does not mean that
they are very much down to earth. The origin of life and evolution are big
theroretical issues which almost necessarily brings us to the existence of
god(s). To that extent we get close to physicists. Mathematics may be
conceived independently of "reality" but logic is a rule which avoids doubt
and keep them right down to earth !


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