The rise of benzodiazepines as "addictive" "drugs" and the intellectual gestapo

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Wed Dec 23 13:40:45 EST 1998

Not so many years ago,I was reading a huge monography about
benzodiazepines(more than a 1000 pages!)and what is interesting,now,is
that,in these days,the "addictive" properties of bdzs were,clearly,not of
much concern.

All of a sudden,benzodiazepines sprouted in the litterature as "highly"
"addictive"! This kind of sudden start is not a unique phenomenon.
Presently,some "scientists" are behaving in the same way as regards to
gamma-hydroxybutyrate while others are trying their best to demonise an
extra-western molecule called cathinone,which is a deep expression of a
specific culture in existence in Yemen.

To my knowledge,the sudden appearance of a molecule to be demonised,in the
scientific litterature and in the media,is a typical US invention which has no
relationship with Science but originates in Religion.

The psychological phenomena leading to such vast,powerful demonisation are
similar to those that conducted Mr Ken Starr to look at the intimate behaviour
of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.

When such phenomena appear in a society,this is,properly,called an

In the West we are familiar with Inquisitions since centuries!

We had,first,the Catholic Inquisition against "witches".

Then we had the Nazi Inquisition against "Jews".

Now we have the "Scientific" Inquisition against some molecules which have,in
common,the property to stimulate Dopamine,and against the people who enjoy
rising their dopamine levels by "artificial" means.

Dopamine is an essential and crucial part of our Humaneness because it gives
rise to our Motivations,our Actions in Exo or Endoreality,our fights for
Survival and noble causes,such as Freedom,our Pleasures.

Surely Monica and Bill found an interesting way to raise their Dopamine
levels,a way which did not please a certain Kenneth Starr...

So,in a way,Ken Starr has acted like a Dopamine Inquisitor without his

As Dopamine is so crucial to our very humanity,being,in many ways,an essence
of mankind,the modulation of dopamine should NOT be decided by any
"authority" external to our nervous system.

Exogenous people should be denied any right to control the dopamine levels of
other fellow human beings,unless one asks,voluntarily,for it.

Relative lack of dopamine induces inhibition of Action(that is behaviours)and
Motivations come to a stand still and the organism hides and becomes shy.

A hypo-dopaminergic individual will be afraid of the smallest challenges,will
tend to hide himself from others and external dangers.

A hyper-dopaminergic individual(such as a businessman)will tend to be afraid
of nothing,will want to show himself to others and the "world" and might well
finish with ideas of grandeur and delusions or,worse,with paranoid

In the competitive society proned by the USA some individuals tend to take
dopamine-enhancing drugs in order to be able to SURVIVE in a reality of male
intra-specific aggression,leading,for example,to cocaine intake.

Cocaine is "the" molecule of "business as usual" and fight in a dangerous

Unfortunately,our brain is not made to sustain a continuous high rate of
dopaminergic activity such as suited in "competitive societies".

The result of this is that lots of individuals,defeated by the competitive
system,become depressed.

And,when you are depressed you,unconsciously,find ways to raise,again,your
dopamine levels to adequate quantities.

This is the TRUE origin of all addictions.

People become easily "addicted" to dopaminergic drugs,in competitive
societies,because of the very existence of competition!

What is funny with this is that the new Inquisitors who
are,desperately,tracking dopamine in our brains are part of a "social" system
which generates dopamine seeking behaviours!

They are not realising that,somewhere,they are "eating" part of themselves.

We need Dopamine in order to be Humans.

We need Dopamine in order to fight against tyranny.

All people who fought,during the centuries,against
tyrannies,slaveries,etc,were dopaminergic individuals.

Without dopamine they would not have had even the force to raise their fingers
from their bed!

Fighting against dopamine is fighting against ourselves.

Trying to control the dopaminergic activity of human beings is a form of
Gestapo surely leading to new tyrannies.

This new Gestapo should,strongly,be fought against.


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