The Intellectual Gestapo against Dopamine

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Wed Dec 23 11:22:26 EST 1998

Since sometimes we are seeing an increasing demonisation of dopamine,
supposedly being at the core of "drug" "addiction".

The Inquisition against "drug addicts" is the last of a serie of
inquisitions which started with the catholic church against "witches".

In each inquisition,a self-elected authority decided to control the mind
and the body of others.

The Catholic Inquisition invented an arbitrary devilry (diablerie) called

The Nazi Inquisition invented an arbitrary devilry called "Jew".

The "Drug Intellectual Gestapo" invented an arbitrary devilry called
"drug addict".

Concerning the historical aspects of inquisitions,I refer the reader to
the books of French Philosopher Michel Foucault and US Psychiatrist
Thomas Szasz.

The present gestapo concerning "drug addicts + dopamine" is highly
dangerous because dopamine is at the centre of human behaviours
concerned with fight for survival.

Nobody can be authorised to,externally,manipulate the dopamine levels of

Such a mind control would,soon,transform the spirit of fight for
survival,of human beings,into a spirit of submission and slavery.

The right that no external "authority" can control dopamine activity of
our brain should be,prominently,established,in the Declaration of Human

The Dopamine Gestapo behaviours should,immediately,cease.We
have,already,seen enough wiuth the inquisition against the pleasures of
President Clinton...




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