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} Allen L. Barker wrote:
} > [...]
} > "Non-lethal" weapons in the hands of barbarians are torture implements.
} > [...]
} I Agree... it's "just" that they're a bit better than Murder. ken
} collins

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patanie at my-dejanews.com writes:
>This is the reason why developping non-lethal weapons,such as suggested,would
>be a little advance away from present-day barbarism.

 Go see "Elizabeth" for some perspective, on this as well as on the 
 current political process involving Time's Men of the Year.  ;-) 
 [Quite a good movie as historical dramas go, BTW, but, as our ever 
 amusing local reviewer put it: Catholics Strongly Cautioned.]

 Obligatory topical note: One of the few movies out without any major 
 physics errors in it .... 

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