SETI Music to ETIs?

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> >But how do you convey the purpose of music???
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> The purpose of music is its effect on the human nervous system.

Dear Ron, Agreed. Music is the FIRST drug that conventionnal human beings

I am always fascinated by the enormous psychotropic impact of music.

For example,music was used,by the British,to drug soldiers on the battle they could battle(the bagpipe!)!!!
Music is used by the militaries to drug and intoxicate human beings so they
become KILLERS...
So,indeed,music is a very efficient psychotropic drug,a non-chemical drug...

> This effect can occur due to the physics of electrons spin becoming
> quantumly entangled in a 40 hertz system (reported by Jack Sarfatti, PhD in
> Physics).

Can you elaborate?

> The effect is that music entrains the brain to those harmonics (ratio) heard.
> The Mozart effect has been reported which temporary raise the IQ of the
> listener.  Some people see colors when listening to music, suggesting
> powerful and important effects.

You mean people not using "cogitatiogens",such as psilocin(e)?

> You can also entrain the brain to flashing light, and possibly ultrasonic
> in dogs as illustrated with the following timely post at neur-sci. at
> These are
> similar because light can cause intense pleasure in humans at about 125
> per second in my memory is correct.

I would appreciate if you could find the reference about this.

   The ultrasonic sound could be doing the
> same in dogs.  These obsevations may support the speculation that one of the
> first Extra Terrestrial Intelligent communications we receive may be music.
> Emotion is the motivation to communicate.

as to me I think we might ALREADY have received SETI signals but that we are
unable to interpret them because we are biased to look at everything as
I do not think that advanced ETIs would use radio-waves for their

Something like small Alcubierre bubbles would seem more logical if,of
course,you have got the energy to create and transmit Alcubierre bubbles.

I think SETI researchers would be well advised to try this game:instead of
using the "nature" bias,just use the "artificial signals" bias.

It is when we do such mental gymnastics that we make new discoveries.

  What greater emotion would get a
> civilization to spend its limited economic and time resources than simple
> pleasure to share with others.

Some scientists believe that ETIs are,already,here!( "ufos" ).If this is
true,then these ETIs have not the slightest interest in "communicating" with
human beings!!!

> Ron Blue
> Assistant Professor of Psychology
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> >> > Subject: New scientific device cures hyperactivity in dogs
> >> > Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 00:33:44 GMT
> >> > There is a new scientific device that cures hyperactivity in dogs.
> >It
> >> > stops barking dogs in minutes.

Does it work on humans....?? This could be transformed into a non-lethal

Best regards,


  Doggy  Do Righttm  gently and
> >pleasantly
> >> > overcomes any obsessive or compulsive behaviors such as submissive
> >> > urination, digging, chewing, territorial marking, barrier
> >frustration,
> >> > over aggression, car sickness... even fear of thunder, to just name
> >a
> >> > few.
> >> >
> >> > Doggy Do Right is an ultrasonic, psycho acoustic behavior
> >modification
> >> > device that entrains the dog's brain to alter its perception of
> >> > stimulus, through state conditioned learning, among other scientific
> >
> >> > psychological principles.  Dogs love listening to Doggy Do Right,
> >and
> >> > within days, behavior problems are extinguished.
> >> >
> >> > The copyright program plays like a small radio, silent to humans,
> >and
> >> > controls any dogs within 500 feet.  There are no manuals to study,
> >> > nothing to learn, and no techniques or expertise required to operate
> >
> >> > it.  You don't even need to own the dogs.  Life just got easier for
> >you
> >> > and those dogs in your life.

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