Do biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"? Ross Tessien answers!

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Hi Ken,

I just found something interesting concerning that topic,through reading Ilya
Prigogine. It is a concept called "Poincare resonance".

In Biology,there are a lot of co-evolutions(notably observed in
biochemistry,genetics,paleontology)which cannot be explained by conventional

Pierre Grasse,the late well-known French paleontologist,has summed all this
very well in an old book called "L'Evolution du Vivant".

In this book he predicted the discovery of surimpressed genes...which
were,first,detected on the virus Phi-X-174.

Coincidentally,I was the first person to bring him this news!!!

The evolution of superimposed genes,for example,through simple Darwinism
cannot,in my opinion,be explained.It is a highly complex topic.

The same holds true for the coordinated evolution of these structures which
gave rise to the inner ear.

Examples of co-evolutions abound!

For example,does anybody here have a nice way of describing how coordinated
neurotransmitter systems evolved?

It seems,to me,that we need,still,to find some unknown laws of Nature which
roughly orient biomolecules towards auto-organisation.




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