Save the Fluffies. Animal Rights gets panned.

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>>The following example of house pet behavior is an example of 
>>rudimentary positivism.  Kittens play with each other in the most 
>>comical ways.  I have watched one chase the other around the 
>>couch.  On the second or third pass, the one running behind 
>>jumps over the couch and poises above the exit point of the kitten 
>>being chased to pounce on it as it runs by.  Kittens have the ability
>>to be logical in this limited way.
>>In some ways, humans more often seem less logical than their 
>>animal counterparts.  It's almost as though the capability of greater 
>>intelligence enables a greater potential for illogical considerations.

>I think your kittens example says it all. Why do you assume the kitten is
>"be[ing] logical in this limited way"? Maybe it is just anticipating a
>repeat occurrence because this has become imprinted upon its "neural
>circuits", a mere learned behaviour?

>So it may seem pure pedantry, but I don't believe the kitten is being


In all fairness, the kitten hasn't the slightest idea of what you are saying.  
Being "logical" is a human thing if you restrict it to be that, just as 
having a soul is.  

But in all fairness, every creature on earth experiences 
life to the extent that it has been enabled.  

Some creatures experience quite 
a bit more than we humans..  as a matter of fact, virtually all experience 
something we don't. I thing the kitten has logic to the extent that it does.  
There is a certain degree of logic that we possess because we share that 
gangleon (or whatever).  Every creature is a precious miracle of G*D.

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