Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 21 22:06:47 EST 1998

>I need information about the physiology of fear, how does it works, can
>you recommend any  net direction or  any book?

Just thought about it again, and as a good old megalomaniac I
recommend of course my direction,
as it is seems to work neat on LSD and in other forms.

Historically many fears have a meaning.

If you look at each bothering you and wonder about where the according
bio-pgroams historically probably are from, if our ancestors already
were mammals there, what function it did have back then and so on,
that is a neat way of neither fleeing from fears innerly nor indulging
overly in them.

It is a good way of dealing with many of them by facing the according
fears, and yet not being just flooded by them  but perceiving what
historically they once were. Becoming aware of our ancestors history
that we are carrying in us in such forms.

It is my experience that that way not just on LSD that is quite
powerful concerning many emotions, but also when seeking sober mental
healing ways that attitude seems to work well with many, as it is
neither ignoring nor drowning, but a natural way to understand oneself
and the own systems better and deal with them better.

If you do not feed your systems needs off, by the way, like needs for
a herd and partner, and if you don't live with the rhythm of the sun,
do not do sports and maybe also neglect your systems needs in other
ways, maybe causing additional negative alterations with drugs, such
could lead to a lot of bad imbalances, too, that also might play a


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