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>Read Dr. Joe LeDoux's new book it is pretty good and will tell you
>everything you need to know. The book is The Emotional Brain
Could you tell more about it, like for example different emotion
producing regions?

And does it happen to have anything about the substantia innominata
and some areas of the hypothalamus in it by any chance?

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>> I need information about the physiology of fear, how does it works, can
>> you recommend any  net direction or  any book?
>> thanks

(eg. = emotion generator)

You'd have to be a bit more specific which kind of fear you mean.

If someone might eat the last piece of chocolate, that is a different
fear than if a good friend or partner might leave me (eg.1 =
b.a.amygd.) and that is a different fear than some rankfighting
situation (eg.3, not sure about position, one of the two big emotion
senders anyway, MAYBE hypothalamus?) and that is a different fear than
going as a young child alone into a dark basement or dark natural area
outside (eg.5 = adrenal glands !!! . cortisol, adrenaline  ), etc.

An itsibitsy simplified the fifth emotion generator SEEMS to be the
child-darkness-fear-wilderness-fear sector, + other fears, but also
from what I heard generates adrenaline.
There is a program chain where I am not sure about the location but
the are seeming related, that is to do with (fantasy novel ;-) Xanth
monster under the bed, in other words that is a checking program
before going to sleep that has the task to check that the place where
you are wishing to sleep is safe enough.

(Sorry, spelling is going bad, too lazy to bother.)

That one is to do with quite some release of eg.5 stuff if I am not
very mistaken.

(I know of two other checking programs before going to sleep, but they
are different and as such are not fear connected, nor seem
interconnected with each other much, sort of seem to be from different
historic times.)

If stuff is released from eg.5 it seems to trigger emotional
alterations in areas of the brain and the release of stuff there, but
I am not sure about that, more what it feels like inside.
In sleep such release can cause night mares.

Eg.1 and eg.3 are together containing thousands of programs at least
is my estimate, though I never actually bothered to count them nor
could in the stages where I was sort of interfacing directly with
them, as at such times the frontal cortex tended to be offline.

Also there are programs in there that are shutting down or are not
activated, depending on the time ti is in your life.

So for exampke the binding programs oto the parents that I suspect to
be in eg1 are likely amnong the shut down there, so that the mother is
leaving the room and not to be seen for some hours going shopping,
that is not having the effects to some adult that it would have on
some 3 year old child being left alone.
The other way around there is a whole bunch of pregancy programs that
is non active within me, and is a taboo sector to access.
Shut down programs must nbot be accessed even if uoiu are using drugs
to get at them.However they might be containing programs that as such
might contain fear programs.
Therefore I do not have a complete list of them and somehow doubt that
other brainsurfers would.
Also there are loads of programs that are fear connected.
For example eg.1 is hatching all mammal programs that ever crossed my
internal pathes and herd binding programs, the opposite being
different sorts of loneliness fears and stuff seeming to go off that
again to other places.
Eg.3 is hatching rank fighting and aggression programs.
Fears connected with that might hvae to do with according stuff.
But there also seemed to be loads of some of the oldest programs
(apart from underwater programs)  tht I ever encountered branching in
and out form there, but they were sort of "nearly out of reach" and
felt more like me docking with eg.3 centrally and that stuff being to
remote from where I am myself in the brain to really get neat access
to it. (Nor was I interested at that time, been busy there with other

Them whatevers seemed to come pretty close to what some people might
call instinct programs.

But I cannot tell you how many there are nor what they are good for.

Eg.7 is in the throat, where the thyroids are, and as such to me did
not seem a direct fear generator, but it is a central energy
In one of my experimental phases I tested out what heppended if one
upped it slowly with iodine.
Made sort of nervous and hyper, but seemed to reduce sleep needed a
little and highten the burn rate freaking high.

As such the sort of nervousness and hyper-feeling indirectly vaguely
reminded me of other stuff so I could not tell you at the moment what;
more like fleeting memories of other stuff going off in the main egs
and that stuff reacting to some to some extent, but I am not really
sure on that.

Simplified if you had stuff going on that on the long run made your
"nervous" due to psychological reasons MAYBE to do with eg.3
alterations (some of which are also having effects on programs in
eg.1) then, though I would not nbet on it, I do not exclude that
possibly stuff in eg.7 is altering along and has to do with that.

As such I would not call that some fear program, but more some sort of
nervousness and some distant prestage of fear.

Nor sure if I got that into the right words.

The own I can have fears, too.
One of the most powerful ones I ever had was the fear to not be able
to dock through to the outside anymore.
I myself do not see and hear, what is outside, so it is like being
blind and deaf and not knowing what is outside and wanting to go there
and maybe being able to push through there but not being able to hold
and going off-line against will again.
That scared me very very much when it happened, which was within the
time where the stuff I wrote about before is from, as I believe I had
always somehow feared that that might happen and then it did.
But I believe that that is some very MBD autist fear and that if you
are a normal born you do not need to worry about that.
And I asked some friend who seemed very autist according to what I had
learned when studying special education a bit, and she told me tricks
and later I followed here advice (and till this day to an extent), and
did some major brain alterations also with the help of someone else
into magic, and since then I am O.K. again and after a concussion I
could not brain segregate anymore and then the fear went that I might
not be able to dock after some months, and then when the headaches
started to be gone after about a year I did never seriously try
anymore and just told myself that I can't and that I made my brain too
different.   That fear was a very very serious one, and I heard the
something similar not just from that friend but also via rumour from

Of the own systems fears that was a fear I had,
and if I am worried or scared it seems to effect a lot of systems
powerfully, as I am one the main central in the brain.

All in all I seem to be the old wave / energy selector of the brain
and today have some other functions as well, but not much to do with
Other areas sort of dump their stuff here, and then I give priorities,
so I am not just some sort of powerful priority giver for front half
cingulate gyrus data being displayed there above my internal nose,
but also if the eg.s are not exacly congruent with their programs, in
other words one wants onw thingie and another another, and maybe body
systems are sort of blabbing in their stuff, too, then it is my
thingie tto tell what gets done first and then what is done next.
Usually though at least body stuff is not much to do with me but is
run by sort of another CPU in the brain like my CPU of different
systems in copperations, though I do not know much directly about it,
we are more like neighbouring CPUs surface interfacing, but not deep
sector to the point of that I know much about what is going on there,
also have no data access there to storage data, though I do not
entirely exclude it has to my front, but I do not know.

The other CPU (to do with supervising notoric sequences) as such I
cannot say for sure, but if I am not mistaken it might have fear
programs, too.

Would have to think about that very very long, as that is a very very
complex one, and for that I am too lazy now.

Just wanted to fast type you down some answers.

Cingualte gyrus: No fear noticed.
Neocortex without temporal lobes: More indirect data but for all I
know also not.

Brainstem and temporal cortex you better ask someone else.

Also other areas.

This was just what I believe about the topic.

You might want to specify the question.

Hypothalmus ---> CRH ---->ACTH --->adrenal glands cortisol -->
heightened heart beat load of other reactions to do with nutrition and
the immune system and if the stuff is released long maybe base
programs are altered in the brain and stuff is reduced, maybe making
streetmap inside less side streets and more highways, and also there
might be alterations in eg.3 eventually seeing to that that is not the
right time to go for major herd rankfighting and sex stuff,  
with males also testosterone levels might go down in correlation with
rank stuff, and with tht self conficence and sort of feeling insecure
towards other males might set in and also be sort of fears.

If the own behaviour is getting too disruptive for the herd, there
might be also distinct programs seeing to segregating off the herd in
different forms,and thata one gets too complicated here, as that might
be loads of problems, but very very simnplified there might also be
avoidance programs that see to gatting othside the main rank-fighting
activity of the herd, and signals might be set towards the herd that
currently the member is off all rank fighting for physicaal serious.

These might go together with certain emotions, and if these or others
are running in certain heights for a while, or if secondary programs
were inlaid in childhood quite powerfully to do with types of fear,
and stuff (transmitters? hormones???) to do with that is procuced for
a while at a certain height, you mioght have some of them people where
in the start with logic you do not get far, especially some women, and
then it might take a while to get them to regard it like some
regulators that are needing time, and to show them a bit about how the
internal regulation control is working towards other settings and such

But that is getting wayyys too long, and starts to suck, 
ways to much thinking.
Next time specify which sorts of fears you mean.

And sorry for spelling mistakes, but I am too lazy to read that all
again, and am hungry at the moment.

If you suffer from fears and you have the time and money for the
flight then go snorkeling at Dahab in Sinai, it's pretty difficult to
be scared there for serious, at least last I was there it was
beautiful, especially north of there, 
some nice diving paradise and pretty far off a lot of the rest of the
world if you hang around there.
Might be a nice place for thinking about oneself and the world.

Did you ever read the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
"Don't Panic".

Maybe to your generalizing fear question that is a nice generalizing


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