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(To certain people: Read just the very start, skip rest.)

>|B. Multiple Personality "Personality" is a consistent pattern of responses
>to stimuli and situations. 
What I heard and know is more indicating that there are different

Simplified theory

A) Area segregation:
Parallel Is

B) Energy differences:
(Dreaming, awake and in between:)
Energy differences and different settings, also possibly within
recordings, resulting multiple personalities might more change from
one to the other, but do not see to I areas segregation taking place.

>In QND, the personality of the stochastic filter
>is determined by the locally homotopic mappings of experience onto the
>neural domain and by the configuration of discontinuities between homotopic
>domains. A conscious train of thought consists of a well-formed wave packet
>propagating within 


>neural domain in 

(Have you ever observed own thinking signal-disconnected from the
other areas?)

>to the combination of inputs from a number of sources, including the sensory apparatus and the
>outputs of other domains at 

>various levels of abstraction. 

About the only domain here (apart from mine) that I am aware of where
if we are linked that might get abstract is what I call the front
computer, which I guess the neuros'd refer to as part of the frontal

A lot of other areas seem about as abstract as a brick.

>When the probability density 
What is probability density?

>corresponding to this wave packet produces an
>expectation that does not compare will with the actual ensemble of inputs,
I do not understand what you are saying.
>the result is a potential field gradient 
>(or "barrier", if it is sufficiently steep) that deflects the wave packet toward states associated
>with less prediction error. 

>Suppose that when the network's personality is
>being formed, it experiences a deliberately consistent "diabolical" training
>in which certain common experiences are interrupted with frustrating or
>painful intervention. QND learning will encode the painful experience on the
>trajectory so that it will be properly predicted as a consequence of the
>prior experience. 

>(Incidentally, QND learning models classical conditioning
>even though it is simple Hebbian, because of the causal dynamics of the
>Schroedinger equation.)
Probably due to the causal dynamics of the lateral irxtlwrks?

> Whenever the common experience subsequently occurs
>without the intervention of the diabolical agent, the extreme difference
>between the expected punishment and the benign experience drives the
>conscious wave packet away from the states where the pain was stored. This
>"avoidance" has two consequences, one obvious and the other subtle. The
>obvious effect is that the deflected wave packet will generate an altered
>behavior pattern. The subtle effect is that the neurons where the painful
>patterns are encoded will be prevented from receiving enough probability to
>allow the patterns to be corrected. Now suppose that the diabolical training
>is "extensive", both figuratively and literally; that is, suppose that it
>succeeds in placing other avoidance patterns into a geometry that surrounds
>and isolates a large cognitive domain from the rest of the neural network.

Although I do not agree with a lot you write I find this one of the
most interesting articles that I have read in a while.

>Subsequently, wavepackets that form in that domain will be trapped there,
>and that domain will then develop a personality that is distinct from the
>personality of the exterior domains(s). 
I do not understand why you are seeming to assume that all domains do
have a personality, nor all about the distinction.
The own areas are part of the whole personality, and though you are
right that there seems a different personality development, to me that
is more like being some parts of a puzzle that are like organs of the
body have tasks, and I am sort of a range selector and priority giving
domain that went off-line other domains, which is like pieces of the
puzzle not interfacing with the rest.
But if the parts of the puzzle as such are personality parts or just
sort of functional parts to me did not seem much to do with that.

However if the own domain or a group of domains are logging off the
rest too long there might be structure and energy and output setting
alterations and then the being trapped inside might be.

But such can be altered & restructured, just takes a while.

>But the entrapment is not permanent:
What is quantum?
What is quantum tunneling?
>provides a mechanism for penetration of the barrier, after
>which another distinct personality emerges.

I did not understand what you are meaning.

Could you give an example with brain areas, 
and giving magic subatomic ranges at least roughly in case that is
what you were referring to with quantum whatever?

For example say that my domain were going from the hippocampus towards
the diagonal bands.
And now I want to try that quantum tunneling.

Could you give me some example onto that, and then maybe a description
if I wish to get brain stem domain access and steering control how to
do that? 

And maybe for all external areas steering my domains energies?

>What shall I say about Jesus...? 

How did he heal blind folks?
Up to yellow-shiny inner&halo ranges as access into the other's
systems I do not need explanations, but all after that.

I had some dispute with someone who theorized that he actually changed
precisely on subatomic level and I contradicted that at times I
already seem to have not particular human access power that in that
form I only herad of MBD folks and that withacvanced MBD you do not
tend to be able to generate a halo that size, so that I do not get
that if he had not been MBD how he'd have gotten the detail targetting
powers, as most humans do not even get to brain area discerning on
according drugs, and no one I know gets it sober in another brain.

I said likely he just tuned the akasha in the other areas to his own
and the shifted ranges in the other brain till the other one similar
to that example with someone driving around on a bicylce could "see".
Seeing is just part of "seeing", and maybe he just made them "seeing"
or vibed the stuff so parallel to his systems that that way stuff was

Medical skills in that time were not what they are today, so that I
assume that you got blind much faster.

If you are looking about something intelligent to say about Jesus
that'd be one that would interest me.

I'd like to know who of us was right or how he else did it, 
and preferably a detail description preferably directly magically how
to continue after having tuned in the yellow systems access ranges and
being docked with the other side.

Not just for the blind, also other stuff he did.

(If in the freaking churches they'd teach that instead of praying to
titles, I might even get up to go there in time or at least with less
than my usual being late for hours.)

> Jesus ... the deep relationship with his spiritual Mother and his Bride.

What spiritual mother and what bride (I had been under the assumption
that he was mostly homo and slightly bi, but not hetero?) 
and why capitalized?

>No one from an evoluted point of view could deny that love by the
>understanding of truth is the basis of the definitive Humanity era.
Did not find a fitting translation for evoluted in my dictionary, but
it seems that I am not evoluted, and since it was next to evolution:
even there I am carry a faint marker of an older setting.
For the understanding of truth I do not need love, and for many areas
of love I need another area of the brain to generate that.
I myself am nearly devoid of all emotion,  and the love generation
area to me always seemed devoid of thinking, and as such not an
external data processor.
Therefore I do not understand your statement.

Take bionet neuroscience: Others I areas get maimed around in, for the
seeking of some data that I guess you could rate under truth.
There is no love for the other's I or they could not do that to the
other I.

What you are referring to to me seems more to with sensing along with
others and trying to be more on their side than after own interests or
being even in interests.

And evenness must not be necessarily the Westie concept of it, but
might also go by more telepathic standards of combining signals and
selecting between the most urgent.

>The message of truth is being spreaded now, at the end of time.
Surrrre. All time will just stop.

The universe popped out of some Big Bang Belief, then the great human
race came along and invented time, and when they croak, then that was
it, and the universe will wrap itself up and pack itself away,
including all in it.   Yessss.  And the Earth is flat and the sun
circles around me and I am of the First World of the Universe.
If you are busy predicting doom, someone claimed that there's a load
of worlds lining up.
If I were humanity, I'd ahve the idea to store up and employ people
out of work to make the dams higher.

So I agree that the murderings of people of the  USA and of Britain
could lead to so much hatred that people might actually have left so
little to lose that they will attempt to take humanity into death
while relatives and friends of the are dying.

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