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Mon Dec 21 21:55:36 EST 1998

"John" <go at away.com> wrote:

>This thread reminds of a couple of examples where human beings have
>unequivocally developed sensory powers beyond the normal ranges.

Within magic ranges around Earth and far into space are not uncommon.

(...Alles ist relative...;-)

>Facial vision is one. 

>This is where blind individuals can somehow manage to
>navigate their way around a room because they can 'feel' the objects in
>space. In one example a 15 year old blind boy could safely ride his bicycle
>around the block! It appears that in some blind individuals echolocation
>becomes possible, though the phenomenon is rare.


What, with the face and echolocation, 
instead of with magic perception?

> What would be fascinating to know is which areas of the brain are doing the processing.

If you'd be referring to standard magic perception, the ones of the
"sensor helmet" I mentioned before with referencing to six month old
embryos are a lot to do with magic and I myself am of course a central
range tuning comand giver in the brain.

The front I do not know about.

Sometimes had the vague impression that if I switch systems very far
back to older settings that some frontal cortex functions might be
joining the other systems in old synch settings, but that I am not
sure about that.

Here in the legends many of the blind use magic areas a lot and are
rumoured to not use the deflective optic ranges and settings for the
eye-nerve data processings as seeing do and instead use a lot of magic
perception ranges.
So that inside structures are structured accordingly.
>In a Sydney medical center for treating individuals suffering a generalised
>immune assault (allergies to everything) etc, great pains had been taken to
>make sure the patients were kept in a allergy free world. The doctors
>noticed that 3 of the patients consistently reported feeling something at a
>specific point in a hallway, the 3 patients being remarkably consistent in
>their reportage of the area of feeling. When they investigated this it was
>found that directly behind the wall where the patients reported the feeling
>there was a powerful transformer and its field was consistent with the
>reports given.

I do not understand the relevance.

Cancer endangering ranges and powerful ranges tend to be reported in
many of course.

Sensitive people might register more.

So what?

> Niether requires spooky explanations 
Again, I do not get the relevance, as the whole was not about
extending "out-of-body" and spooking around elseplace, nor about
others spooking around.

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