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Mon Dec 21 21:51:22 EST 1998

>i'm searching informations about brain-computer-interface.
>thanks for all input

If we had Social Individualism, the Lucifer symbol of not creating
stuff without caring if it is in harmony with the rest, human
population intending to reduce and return Earth to Paradise-like
stages where the intellignet races in the next millions and billions
of years see to all not getting too much off-spring, so that there is
beautiful and convenient enough space for all,
if there were no satellites nor anything else sending artificial stuff
into and through any person not wishing so,
and so on,
you could bascially ask some Yogi, meditation master, different Red
Indian and other people into magic,
and then online some genetically pretty people magically ins some fast
course, just some hours so that they can send some meters far on a few
and then send the hoard through a place like the HHI here in Berlin to
do with communications, only a place freer than that,
and ask them to try to magically dock with whatever seems not too
unhealthy and suited, and then compare the range data.

Of course it would also be possible to get some idea what the ranges
of the main magic sectors of brains linking telepathically are having
for ranges, and then build some stuff not to do with electron but
photon energy, using ranges not the own and ways away in ranges from
whatever is down behind the ear several centimeters inside, 
 but close enough to own main magic areas that to tune there would not
be that stressing.

I talked to someone of the HHI not directly into such stuff, and he
said that as such what I had told him there might work if worked out,
but that it would cost a lot, and that the HHI as such has neither
projects nore interests along that line.

Not that I'd seriously be out for them to do that as we are already
having enough control and people watning you to wear their I.D.
identity  for you and so on.

Simplified if someone with enough money was interestest the basics
should not be much of a problem, an average semi drunk person you can
get with sense enhancers within hours far enough that even sober he
afterwards can send weakly for a bunch of meters.

The tricky part is more that if you start that one, then maybe adios
to brain privacy and ahoi to satellite brain supervision, ahoi to
that many magicians strictly refuse to cooperate with Westie First
Worldie folks whose ancestprs killed and maimed their ancestors, and
where in the USA areas of others till this day are occupied and not
given freedom, 
and that also that even if you got enough to cooperate,
taht to make a well working system is very hard, as just being able to
send some ranges into some machine is not making that a suitable,
practical system for brain computer interface.

I do not understand much about telepathy because I am a bit
handicapped, but I guess in the more far away future pictures and such
stuff could be sent,
part of the emotional ranges, some akasha magic data could be stored,
and if children are learning to interface with them and then to work
that out is left to them, they might get quite far in it.

However memory stuff not, and lot of other stuff also not.

Simplified stuff you can transit easily as such between brains within
telepathy as such should be reproducable with technology in the
future, too.

And stuff where that is not easy or not possible, probably not,
at least for that I would have no idea how with current technology
that would be done.

And I have been brainlinking with energies with over a hundred brains,
so all in all I know quite a bit about what can be easily transferred
and what is difficult.

Another thingie that might play a role is that the ranges some from
Africa or of the Roma or from here or from other places might fast
tune to as if they are natural for them, are not all the same.

So that I do not exclude, that different peoples due to the
differences within the brain might in the far of future find it more
comfortable to have systems that are taking regards of such.

I guess summoned up I find the whole pretty spooky.
Imagine you had the corpse of one of those powerhungry pharoas who
maybe on other's lives had pyramids build for them and the magic of
the lands affordable to them about what is called necromancy to back
them up, and then you transfer such into the far future, and the
people left recordings of subatomically pretty complete whatevers of
their alive brain and you are projecting it into the corpses, in that
time maybe in some sort of plastic surrounding so they can not rot...

Maybe nonsense, but we are reaching the time where people consider to
clone themselves off, embryo-brain accessing is magically possible,
and who knows where this will go.

There is something disquiting to the thought, fascinting as it might

I guess in some things I am pretty conservative.

Also maybe I would not even want to interface with people like the
Frankensteins direct or would straight abuse what I know about the
brain to get some friend to build me something tuned to some areas
there whereever drugs he wants to stick into people are having effects
and doing damages, and then hit the the FRY special button,
and when he'd get out for revenge,
especially in this room, imagine all the brain damages to fix 
and all the corpses dropping backwards off the teleputer.

That would get rather yukkie after a while.



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