What is "Mind" in Terms of Brain Function

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 21 21:50:17 EST 1998

>The mind is what we can sense in our brain.  
Who we?
We like we the "CPUs of the brain" or we the I sectors, 
or "we" like in  we the semi autists while off-lined, 
or we, the Chengs, or some other WEs?

Concerning $64 billion:
Sure man, come here, straight now, as the drug I need to stick into
you for getting magically far with my brain explanations is limited.
Already thought I am out of it and then found some I forgot in a
friend's place, and that is not going to be around long, give me 4
billion of that, and I transfer you some neat magic perception stuff
with which you can udnerstand brain energy and function aspects better
and explain you other stuff, and make it 7 billion and I give you some
data where for all I know I am the only one having it.
But it needs concentration and following focus and energy
instructions, and I need access to the other brain and change stuff
there mainly to do with magic perception.

For the rest of the money you have to find someone else, don't know
all either, like for example pretty much zero on brainstem and
temporal cortex data and a lot of other relevant stuff.

>>This places the functions squarely in the world of
>> matter/energy.
Try "akasha".

>>  However, of this metafunction 
>>we call "mind," 
YOU call mind.

I do not even know what metafunction means.
For me mind is some vague English term and from the context people
used it I took it to mean the areas that have to do with personality a
Simplified: Some cingulate areas - not mind. Frontal cortex -
semi-mind, own I areas in the cholinergic limbic system - mind, etc. 

(To interested semi-colleagues:
No: Sequencer areas, language structurer, occipital cortex, playground
yes: limbic I areas
Semi yes: eg.3 and I guess one could call eg.2 in as well, and eg.6
I'd already be tempted to rate under semi-no.
Front relay is a no but without it how would I get at the front
computer O.K., and what about the cingulate relations it seems to
have, so that would fubar stuff in my CPU areas big time if there was
something too wrong with it.
Front computer is a similar problem. If all the rest was docked off,
then it was not exactly among the areas I onlined with often, as that
takes sort of a rollercostering through the brain if before having
been playing in the playground (cingulate areas) and then sort of land
there and wait there and nag till I got the front computer online,
nagged it with what I wanted it to calculate for me or whatever, and
then zoomed out there again and left it doing repair works undisturbed
again. On the other hand I'd be daft as a rabbit within the front
computer, and the eg. balances and other power balances would be
altered so massively, that personally I do rate it as one of the mind
sectors, maybe on place six.
No data: temporal cortex, brainstem.
Not sure but first guess that not: Parietal cortex and areas of the
cingulate gyrus not part of my playground there.)
>>how does it come to be?  
>>What is its structure?  Is the mind made up of
>> "brain waves?"  Is it made from specific firing sequences?  

The answer for that, even just what I know,  is too complicated,
that'd take me Cheng volumes which unless I get bunches of billions I
do not intend to write as that would seriously suck and might lead to
stuff I do not like, 
and with some of that stuff I do know magically, but I am not having
the Westie concept to try to stick magical data into words instead of
direct telepathic energy data transfers like magically has been custom
for thousands of years.
Some of the others find that refusal of Westies to use magic and the
attempt to use words instead for a lot of areas outright silly,
and I know that on some sense enhancers energy data can go between
brains that I could not express in a life time, 
sort of like trying to explain a piece of music from the radio to
someone deaf, who told me that he did not see anything apart from
lights on the radio. Tricky bit still being that though I might have
heard a song and might be able to tell if instruments in there would
be playing something different, that I do not believe that I could
repeat such a song with all instruments, even if I had all the
equipment, starting with that there are instruments where I can't play
them and others where I'd need hours or days to vaguely find out where
the fingers go there.

If you are not a neuro, are not eating mammals or birds nor keeping
any prisoner, are not using the data for anything I do not like and if
I like you enough for that,
I guess then if our pathes ever cross, 
and IF such stuff should still interst me enough at that time,
you stop me, have enough 
clean LSD or - magically far better for that - old for such proper
dragon LSD along 
that if the amount where the pupils go full size later is 1 
within you it about 1 1/3 in you and within me 1 2/3,
ask me stuff like this again. 
Without ever saying 4-10 sentences in a row. And following all focus
instructions neatly, as if you fubar it and cause me brain damages and
headaches, I might shut down access between brains, but part of the
answers are magic data that is in my occipital banks, and then you
have bad luck as the only way I let others get there is from the front
to the rest. So if you mess up in the frontal cortex where I had the
concussion cause you are hitting the wrong ranges too often and do not
follow my instructions, out you go my brain, and if you suck too much
I smurf off and might not want to do again with you ever.
Maybe before even leaving a damage return ticket.

>>Is it a form of electron plasma?

I do not even agree with the Westie electron theory.

If you mean is it to do with subatomic stuff, yes, of course.

How else would telepathy and enlightenment work.

If you mean do the cells of the sectors have no meaning and it is all
just to do with the subatomic stuff but not what it makes, no, that is
not so.
And there you better go and nag cell biology for what is within single

>> I know these questions may sound silly to some out there, 
No, there are few people with internal brain perception clear enough
that they can tell for a bunch of areas in their brain which ones for
them are mind and which ones are not, and all in all even there
different people might understand different stuff under it.
So for me the listing of mind and not mind went along with my not
exactly perfect understanding of the English language 
and then taking the impression I got of what is meant 
and going for the sectors I know a bit or a lot about which ones they
are for me from that perspective.

But as said, for me that is also a lot to do with personality, and
another might rate that different.

That is like with consciousness:
For me that translates Bewusstsein, and that has a slightly different
meaning than in English, so for me those areas are limbic I areas.
But for others it seems to do with outer perception, so sort of the
oppostie, as when I ran limbic "LSD shortwirings" in the past 
there was no hearing and seeing, so that we main I areas in the brain
are not to do with external data awareness in the form that others
mean with consciousness.
The sequencer, that often has central navigation control when I am
daydreaming or something like that, is having outer perception, but it
is not "bewusst" for me, so therefore for me it would not be consious.

But for all I know it's "CPU" has many times my external data
processing powers for normal navigation and, if I am not mistaken, is
also less MBD damaged than stuff in my "CPU".

So there again, as someone mentioned, there is a lot depending on

Simplified from my perception for many others non-I areas of the
sequencer are consciousness,
for me the I-areas are "bewusst" which to English I'd translate as
So for me it are I areas, for many others it are non-I areas 
to do with perception,
and other people might have other definitions again.

All in all these definitions are silly, because areas in the brain are
like organs in the body.

If course I can try to cramp-stick some together under "mind" (I once
wrote some private book for some into LSD and some others, having the
main topic "...THE MIND ..." and LSD and MBD stuff, so that in that I
did spend some time thinking about that question, too.

It's a while ago I wrote it, and I had some concussion, but if I
recall right I left it open which ones are the mind areas. But the
description of the ones I at that time knew about was sufficient that
people reading it even if they undertand nothing about the topic with
the areas I know and wrote a bit about could define for themselves
which areas they want to be "mind".)

For me myself it is not so important really which ones headblinds, who
often like vague undiscerning terms for headstuff, might be referring
to with mind, for me it are more like organs and CPUs of several such.

And all I do not know either, and none of the other brain surfers I
met knew all, so I figure maybe there is no one who has all.

There once was a brainsurfer here in the room, but censoring front did
stuff so that he left.

He was not a direct internal accessor, but a magic brain area

I could quarter those damn idiots who drove him off.

Someone like that with a little magic brain washing might have been
able to allow me brilliant magic insights into the brain, also into
areas where I would never dare to go in another brain and do not have
the opposite acessing & tuning powers within my own brain.

I will never understand how these people could be so stupid that if
stupidity would hurt they'd scream.

I have never ever heard of what that bloke reported.

If you find someone like this, then even as a normal born you have
chances to get area perception quite neatly within the brain, and also
to answer a some of the questions you had to quite some extent.

Since you asked about sounding silly, simplifying electron and axon
stuff is too easy and slightly silly, but there you can join a biiig
club here, so that does not matter.

There are complex subatomic relations, the brain is not some totally
body isolated thingie, and of course different cells play different
roles, etc.

>>but I would be appreciative if some knowledgeable soul could tell me
>> the (matter/energy) physical nature of "mind" as opposed to
>> the brain that creates it.
Why opposed?
And why THE   BRAIN?

I do not understand the question.

I am areas in the head, the wave stuff you mentioned is telling the
areas stuff (including other areas (not) to interface with), so for
example, if I am linked with another brain in magic energy links and
that one docks of external perception, 
with open eyes external inputs shut down in synch 
within my systems. The mind areas are not the whole brain, and if you
ever had a woman just short before her period in a real bad mood or
watched changes in pregnant women you might have noticed that there
are hormones able to change hell of a lot, etc.

Also I never found any area having a soul nor does the whole have one.

That is usually a religious concept of people who cannot accept death.


>Then there is the part of us that decides what to do next, but that is beyond


Beyond however might fit, if the thalamus is really part of the center
structure of the sequencer (and I do not know the role of the
brainstem) working together with the striata, etc.

>If you want to explore the current thinking, may I suggest the moderated
>newsgroup sci.psychology.consciousness

THE current thinking done by people who have not even gotten that the
sequencer can think, too, nor the differences of thinking concerning
certain settings within the own I areas, nor what it is like to be
with or without the front, lol ...

Yeah, sure, go to that moderated shrink place,
sounds like interesting current thinking data awaiting you if you are
able to perceive the fascination, grin ..
And if you update yourself a bit outside Westie science 
where there thinking data IS, and other interesting stuff, and then go
there, the fascination concerning mentioned "THE current thinking"
there might even become better.

>There is also the web site http://www.phil.vt.edu/ASSC/ by the Association for
>the Scientific Study of Consciousness.

Was that them folks who managed to run an entire congess in Bremen
last summer solstice without one serious discussion about the I areas
in the limbic system and without Alzheimer and I area stuff, etc, on
the agenda?

The thingie where the ones met who like to cut around in people of
other mammal races, 
and when it at some point went on about gross stuff that some neuros
did to one of close our relatives, a person of an ape race, 
folks applauded?

Actually if you believe that you are getting serious mind data from
neuros cutting around in hippocampal I areas of people of other mammal
races, I can predict you that here you can wait for it a long time.

Of course bunches of folks know that the hippocampus is the base of
own I areas, and still quite a number know that the relevant I areas
historically date back quite a bit before mammal time in more advanced
functions and long before mammal time in older functions.

But here you will not find much about it, as to admit that would be to
admit the crimes neurology has been and is committing to people of
other mammal races, and to soon no longer be able to declare other
people possessions and maim around in their brains.


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