blood supply and I.C.P.

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Wed Dec 23 18:19:43 EST 1998

Bruno, I've only studied the role of astrocytes in "normal" brain
function. All I have to offer you is the Expectation that, if you
develop a strong model of the (of-course, pretty-wild) ionic dynamics
inherent in ischemia, you'll find that it's "just" the "normal"
astrocyte response to ionic coductances, run amok in a way that,
never-the-less, rigorously reflects the dynamics of the run amok
traumatic ionic flow.

In the future, ionic-flow-threshold-triggered, stereo-sensing
pharmocological substances will be developed which will be useful in
containing ischemia (evolution didn't do it because, when it occurs
sufficiently, the probability of reproduction is miniscule... so I
expect this is one area in which strong engineering efforts, founded in
Caring-upon-having-come-to-Know, will bear fruit.)

"Maverick" enough :-) ken collins

bruno chereul wrote:
> I'm a french physician. Neuro I.C.U. specialist. I'm looking for
> biophysicians and concerned specialists by Ischemia and astrocytes swelling
> during head traumas as well as not vasospasms but narrowing and arteritis.
> Help because I think all about I.C.P. consensus papers seems wrong.
> People are in great confusion with blood supply, MCRO2 and pressure
> I'm looking for "marvericks"!

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