Do biomolecules have a collective form of "consciousness"? Ross Tessien answers!

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Wed Dec 23 23:37:32 EST 1998

Bon Jour, Claude, as far as I'm able to see, the one way folw of energy
from order to disorder that is what's described by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t)
Determines Physical Reality.

All of Chemistry, all the way up to the Chemistry of Life, finds
everything it Needs in wdb2t.

There's no "randomness" (which is why I refer to "what's described by
2nd Thermo", rather than "2nd Thermo", which is Statistical, and which
had been applied only to Heat Energy), yet because, while being
Deterministically-Uniform, overall, there's Awesome Creativity inherent
in wdb2t, be-cause there are "hot spots" and "cold spots" (high and low
energy-densities) distributed throughout the Universe... and where ever
a Differential exists, energy flows from the more-ordered "zone" to the
less-ordered "zone"... and it's this flow of energy that empowers
everything within Physical Reality.

That what has been referred to as "Self-organization" follows from such
is a straight-forward thing to see, even with respect to Life.

All that's required is a little going-deeper into what Life is to see
that Life, itself is "just" wdb2t, Awesomely-Magnified.

Start with bacteria (which are, admittedly, much more complex than any
single "molecule of Life"). Given a nutrient concentration gradient,
bacteria move their flagella in an ordered way if the concentration
gradient is increasing... this tends to keep them "swimming" in the
direction of increased nutrient concentration. However, if the
concentration gradient is decreasing, bacteria tend to move their
flagella Chaotically (Thanks Steve (MedSIG)). This will cause their
movement to be somewhat chaotic, and they'll "tumble", which will result
in their trying different directions until they find themselves in an
increasing nutrient concentration gradient... which is far-better than
"swimming" directly toward diminishing nutrient concentration...
"Bacterial Chemotaxis".

If one looks, one sees clearly that, in these chemotactic dynamics
bacteria are Living embodiments, albeit, relatively-simple ones, of
wdb2t, =Inverted=.

That's what Life is... Life is the Challenge inherent in wdb2t,
=Embraced=. Life's single Organizing Principle is "find the energy, and
go there."

So, when it comes to Creating a better organism, any energy-flow dynamic
(all of which occur in Deterministic Accord with wdb2t) that will embue
an organism with the ability to "find the energy, and go there quicker"
will tend to be retained.

At the molecular level, the "rules of play" Exist at the level of
"atoms", which are largely as you described them in your post relayed by

In my work, I take things down to pure energy and wdb2t, and describe
what have been referred to as "atoms" as Spherical Standing Waves (SSWs)
that are in harmonic "compression"-"expansion" interaction with the rest
of the Universal Energy Supply (UES; SSW<->UES Harmonics), and hold that
wdb2t holds even at this "atomic" level.

The UES does work in sustaining the harmonic existences of what have
been referred to as "atoms"... it is, in fact, =This Necessary
Sustaining Work= that is the underpinning Raison Detre of the Physical
Existence of wdb2t.

I can take these things further, but I've never publicly discussed these
further things... they are all still in my private language. So, thus
unprepared, it's best that I at least Prepare before discussing.

The Gift of my Life having Brushed-Up against Yours is a Wonderful Gift,
Claude. This "Organizing Resonance" that You've Endured in Calling me to
See is all-a-Wonder. I Shall Not waste =Your= Effort. Thank You.

Joyeux Noel. ken collins

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> > Good for you, Ross.
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> Hi Ken,
> I just found something interesting concerning that topic,through reading Ilya
> Prigogine. It is a concept called "Poincare resonance".
> In Biology,there are a lot of co-evolutions(notably observed in
> biochemistry,genetics,paleontology)which cannot be explained by conventional
> Darwinism.
> Pierre Grasse,the late well-known French paleontologist,has summed all this
> very well in an old book called "L'Evolution du Vivant".
> In this book he predicted the discovery of surimpressed genes...which
> were,first,detected on the virus Phi-X-174.
> Coincidentally,I was the first person to bring him this news!!!
> The evolution of superimposed genes,for example,through simple Darwinism
> cannot,in my opinion,be explained.It is a highly complex topic.
> The same holds true for the coordinated evolution of these structures which
> gave rise to the inner ear.
> Examples of co-evolutions abound!
> For example,does anybody here have a nice way of describing how coordinated
> neurotransmitter systems evolved?
> It seems,to me,that we need,still,to find some unknown laws of Nature which
> roughly orient biomolecules towards auto-organisation.
> Regards,
> Claude
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