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Wed Dec 23 00:15:29 EST 1998

> As an individual with rather eclectic interests I have
>frequently noticed that when I first look into an area of interest I start
>seeing things here and there. I take down a few notes, draw some hopefully
>promises speculations therefrom, test and find them good and so feel quite
>good about myself until one day (usually months later) I read where someone
>has considered the idea and have thoroughly thrashed it out (sometimes
>right, sometimes wrong). 
>It takes a while but eventually you realise:
Me or you?
Or is you all of the world?

>If something makes so much sense to you that you cannot understand why
>others have not thought of it before one of three possiblities exist:
> someone has, you just haven't read enough.
> someone has, and they know why its a stupid idea.
> no-one has, see a psychiatrist.

Your logic is stunning.
So someone in the jungle is coming to the conclusion "no one has", and
now has to leave his tribe and then get some job till he ha the money
to travel, to some day see a psychiatrist speaking another language.

I get an idea why your arguments go the way they do go.

>I use this formula as a standard epistemological heuristic, I only wish more
>would adopt it.

If you'd get more data of Earth you might "simply" become more
accurate in estimating where you and your data is in comparison to

Without demanding that others follow your methods to make up own

>>> In this particular case, kkollins assumes that someone who has been
>>> studying brain function for several decades, has done research at the
>>> physiological/anatomical level as well as at the cognitive/behavioral

Lol, giggle...   (...several minutes, though I doubt you have the
internal perspective to understand what I found so hilarious, nor ever
will get far enough in understanding emotion generators a little
better subatomically to do so.   ...Simplified  : )

Man, I would have left the last wordies out.

And having "as well as"  in front and "level" in singular behind is
minus one billion one credibility about part of the rest of the 
swell load.

>>> level as a (doctoral level) clinical and experimental neuropsychologist
>>> has not done even as much reading as he has about interhemispheric
>>> relations.  Naive, arrogant, presumptious!

Oddly enough these words are fitting for a lot of us, including you.

(Actually there are people reminding me of some cock with swelled
chest sucking in air to seem bigger
but unfortunately not noticing that it is that sort of gas for
balloons giving you a voice like Micky Mouse
when going for territorial or rank hollering.)

>Consider the number of self help books kicking around relying on popular
>neuroscience. I think its part of being human, most people are fascinated by
>the grey stuff upstairs and many, myself included, wish to sound
>knowledgeable about such stuff. Unfortunately I am just confused about it
>all these days, but of course when speaking to others I throw out airs of
>authority ... .
That is the advantage of declaring yourself Acid Pope 4II.
For most Westies you could even list them totally serious brain data
and they might believe it to be hallucinated nonsense, 
or write cleverly enough invented lies  that are so close to the truth
and where you know that they do not have data against it yet, so that
at least the sense censored head-blinds currently have no way of
knowing for sure that you made it up.  

According to my experience most Westies take most to be nonsense,
and if they take anything serious they often seem to prefer the
invented data.
It's fun, and authority does not matter much, 
as LSD tends to cause megalomania,
so I am of course THE center of the universe anyway,
and from that point of perspective Homo SAPIENSlol authority might be
perceived in rather funny Homo Chimp eg.3 hues.


O.K. just for fantasy let's say the fairy comes, makes "simsalabim!"
and you are understanding the brain.

You discover that there is no soul.
You discover that your own I areas are going from the hippocmpal areas
up towards the diagonal bands and that a lot within you is not that
different from other mammals.
You can dock with emotional areas of your brain run other cultures
alterations of children and adult program in there, watch how the
program settings in the sectors change, how hormone settings are
altering and what effects that is having in related areas. 
You are understanding magic and can link into other brains,
you can change settings to people having problems and get subsector
data concerning that,
you are understanding all subatomic relations of the brain,
and you are having billions of data where there are no words for it.
You understand how Jesus smurfed over the water, how to make blind
people see or "see", you are understanding how to reset functions
within your brain to older stettings, you can program yourself within
months to quite different axon patters that are profoundly different
or other areas or connections between. You are understanding about
gene sequence stuff within cells within different sectors. 
You can access a sleeper's occipital cortex and other areas and vibe
in magical data so that when he wakes up he is understanding stuff
about magic perception. You can extend out of body to any place on
Earth and far into the galaxy. You are knowing all the brain -
connected terms different peoples are using, you are top source number
one for subatomic data of Earth...

And then?

Friends come and say, hey, the sun is shining,
let's go swimming / icescating / sit outside and play cards.

What do you answer them?

False one come and slime up your arse to get at part of your data.
 T.V. people ask if they might show a mike up our arse to record any
fart you might be giving off and you have them lurking around your

Will you ever be content in your life again much?

What do you do with what you know?

Some of what one wishes for might be dangerous when getting it.


>>> buying cages for LIVE cats.

of the cat race are tending to hate cages.

(It is already not very nice to separate children and the mother from
each other before the time for that would be by nature
and against their will
to get child-binding programs to attach to mammals of the human race.)

>Kkollins complaint about ECT may have some historical validity but I
>understand the procedure has been refined over the years and proving to be
>much more effective. The situation reminds me of the lobotomy hassles
>decades ago. While there were some grievances to be addressed here,...

How about you have lobotomy applied to your brain and then stick
magnetic or other artificial ranges through it, and make sure that you
are getting druggend and get the seizure bit?

Inadequacy as a healer is not a reason to brain-damage others.

Alone the mere thought of wanting to injure-alter structures not even
understood with a machine,
is sounding like some sick pervert's joke to me.

>>> So is activation of the HPA axis by various stressors; but unregulated
>>> activation can be harmful to the individual.  

Did not track what HPA is, but
say you are MBD or took drugs and have some regulation of some
activation disturbed, then if the errors are getting too high with a
lot of stuff within my brain there seems to be knowledge that there is
some activation regulation at error.

I am sort of central command in the brain if I bother to take it from
the sequencer, and with LSD have quite some targetting powers.

Maybe what you are talking about can really not be counter-steered
but if it is to do with what you call stressors that would amaze me.

For "stressors" I know: 
Simplified get eg.5 not to kick out stuff you do not want up in
head-systems and get eg.1&3 to be balanced enough, don't mess other
systems too much up with the own systems, and don't hype the thyroids
(eg.7) with iodine too much.

If there is something really unregulated beyond MBD-acceptable
whatevers, one trick might be to LSD vulture for it through the brain,
and if you do not get at it, to find out of there is another one
connected to that one, so if you do not get that one, you dock with
the other one and change there; "brainprogram-domino".

>>Perhaps kkollins has in
>>> mind "Survival of the Fittest" (as crudely construed by those who don't
>>> really understand Darwin)? Racial improvement via individual suicide?

Actually the latter point is not sounding completely off-line to me.

>That's what we amateurs hate about you experts. 
I think you are generalizing the wrong ways.
Not neuro abusers of others of course, but of some of the advanced
branches of mental arts and their experts and some others have been
impressing me very deeply.
But I do not hate them for that, I am just wanting the magic
preception or other data a bit, too.
With some folks I do not want to know all they know, but some of what
they are doing and get some basic understanding of some stuff.
I do not even understand why you'd hate someone an expert in
something, if I look at how many people around me are experts in
stuff, then with such attitudes I'd be busy going down the street and
hating people.

What you are saying sounds therefore very weird to me.

>How can we sound clever with
>people like you around Frank? 

Simple, get some basic area function or/and subatomic function
understanding of the brain, the stuff that from the right people you
can learn within some days.

There is a difference between sounding clever and being clever.

There is  simple test.

Ask Frank:"Who are you?"

Filter out all complicated words and evasions, and just look at the
data. Check "I"-areas subfunctions and historic developments and
according functions.

Then there is the "Fachidiotentest" (test if people got what is around
them in the world and has be there for thousands of years).:
What is trascending into enlightenment?
How does telepathy work?

That's three questions, and if you are understanding all three, then I
guess that you are having some basics to understand the own I and
others, to acces within your systems and within others.

The understanding of the own I areas when transcending and within
telepathy can also help to understand very very much about some basics
of the brain.

A man who does not know himself, does not know how to transcend into
many ranges of perception, is not even understanding enlightenment in
theory, and is not able to telepathically communicate,
can use a lot of complicated wordies, but that will not cover that the
"Fachidiontest" was about stuff that is thousands of years old.
And if he did not get where the planet was in mental research some
thousands of years ago, then you might find yourself able to "admire"
certain "expertise" from quite different points of view.

BTW, the other does not to be enlightened, as that is sober very very
difficult to learn, but just to be able to desribe to you what that
stage is  that is aspired by so many in places Asia 
and also by more and more others around the world.

>Your comments re the use of this treatment is exact, the ECT 
Damagings as therapy.  The more I know about Westie healing, the more
I understand why they are producing such high rate of people killing
themselves and are basically murdering some of them by messing them up
with drugs given more than once, 
instead of helping them.

>is utilised when other measures have failed, 

What measures?

The healer is the measure.

Are you trying to say that the person was transferred to branches said
to have thouands of years of experience with such or very modern
branches or to healers who ARE healers? And that that failed?
For that there would be astonishing little understanding here where
people(s) on Earth ARE in mental healing in the first place.

>and as someone who suffers occasionally from severe depression I can assure you
>evolution has nothing to do with it. 
Sure man, your emotions just popped from the sky, and are not area
We can simply uppen the cortisol outputs in your systems for long
times quite high, and it will not have the effects with you that it
might have in others.
Your rankfighting drive and sex drive stay utterly unaltered, there is
no difference whatsoever concerning emotions.
Also the testosterone level does not fall down when you are
"depressed", but will remain as if you had had good sex the last days.
Nothing evolutionary whatsoever about the whole.

>My bet is that the frontal lobes, 
Yesss, your cortisol and testosterone are just whre they are supposed
to be, no alterations within the hypothalamus settings,
and all it is is the frontal lobes,
and that of course is to do with expansion.
So they get some more cells and functions are suddenly ever so

>one if not the last areas to undergo expansion during our evolution, have not
>been sufficiently fine tuned by the evolutionary process and so things will
>tend to go awry on occasions. Many psychiatric conditions seem to relate to
>frontal lobe dysfunction.

And I am the emperor of China and the center of the universe.
The upper part of the frontal cortex I do not even regard as being of
my CPU but of the sequencer CPU.

But I guess as in some older function settings there does seem to be
some cooperating one might count it in some settings as one.

So do not feel bothered by taking some external outer areas that can
be completely docked off the own systems
and by me psychologically not even rated as emotion generator(s) as
the source of your problems.

With you it actually even might be.

Though of course not itself but the way your systems are using the
lower area via frontal relay,
as I never noticed that the "front computer" can think on its own, so
therefore, unless you skipped evolution and were hatched out of some
star egg, your won't either,  and to me you are sounding more like
just seeking an excuse for why you were/are not providing for the main
eg.s and the rest of the systems as you should.

There the front is of course a rather comfortable excuse.
(Not that I say that there is nothing wrong with yours, though I fail
to get how damaging it more then is supposed to improve it.)

If you want to make it one funnier, take the upper part of the frontal
cortex for your future theories.

I am starting to realize that compared to some people here Frank IS
clever after all,
but then again if someone really zarked the front computer and caused
damages there that might be brutal on intelligence, as without the
front computer you are heading for the I.Q. of a rabbit.

Next time you want you brain fried because you were too lazy to care
for the emotion generators and other systems,
I suggest that you are picking an area where the damages seem to
matter least to you.
If them blokes can fire well (else don't do it, that might be closer
to yourself), maybe first mess up the upper part, that's at least just
seeming mainly "sequencer CPU's" outer banks.
If you damage the "front computer" more, you might start to hate the
five year olds because they are so clever.

>This is the only place I can discuss these things as
>none of my friends or associates are interested in this stuff.

There are people who have other stuff to do than to circle around
themselves and how they might work.

>The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul, Crick,

I myself have no soul.
Nor any area I docked with in my brainsurfer time. 

But I assume some might like it in the frontal lobes.
Best the upper part.

(Sorry folks, guess politeness wasn't exactly superb.)


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