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flefever at Frank LeFever) wrote:

>the decreased cognitive side-effects
>(transient and mild, n.b.) with unilateral ECT 

>...The goal is ... to alter 
not even understood
>brain physiology. 

Simplified you damage the brain to alter it.

> Modified procedures are under study (e.g.
>brief pulses rather than long trains, e.g. magnetic stimulation
>targeted to specific brain areas) to do this more precisely and with

>undesirable side effects.

How nice.
So becaues one method to damage the brain is replaced with other
methods to damage the brain.

After thousands of years of magical accessings and alterings within
brains I find it something short of unbelieveable that someone would
mess around in the brain of another in areas that he does not even
understand with magnetic damagings.

And all of that to cover up the own imcompetence in healing 
and to hide that people were drugged for days in a row and were messed

(Probably the drug damages inflicted with nearly as little
understanding of what the according areas damaged had for exact
functions and interrelations to other areas.)

>... the practice of unilateral ECT... it is nowadays undertaken with muscle
>relaxants (to avoid injury during seizure) and sedatives (to minimize

Are they nuts?

>The relevant mechanism of recovery has something to do with changes in
>brain physiology, 

So instead of altering the stuff that should be altered you are
drugging people, then damage their systems (more), and then hope that
the healing is also altering enough to get the person who was so daft
to seek aid to declare that they are O.K. now.

Like a doctor having a person with a wart on his finger that could be
gotten away with energy healing and then cutting it out or straight
slicing the finger off, and when the person does not come back with
other warts and says that they are O.K. and are not having wart
problems that they wish to be treated a praising how neat the method
of slicing the finger off was.
And that the healing effect is not understood yet, and the damages a
bit big, but that just slicing part of the finger off is currently
under study.

If I would not know that this is serious, I'd assume that some absurd
horror-SF writer was writing some parody story on Westie "healing".

That is not far behind lobotomy.

What is also sounding more like it is some horror SF is that the main
reasons and areas and their subprograms to do with what is generalized
into "depression" are not even mentioned.

Like some mad horror tale where some lunatic is damaging the brain
trying to alter stuff there  that is belonging there, 
after first trying to with drugs alter the balances and run
destructions in other ways that are famous for driving people to
suicide and in some cases are even famous for getting them to kill
others (compare prozac).

>not "distraction"--
Surrre, it won't distract at all.
>still less, "punishment" 
Damages and the situations causing them at least in my systems tend to
get registered, and I do not understand why the people are drugged
away of their fears and muscle reactions 
that are like warning signs that should be heeded 
instead of drugs doing damages to according systems being applied, 
so that shortly they do not work as they should, and possibly also
being damaging other organs, like filter organs or other emotions. As
anxiety is in a lot of areas, and in order to sedate it there'd be a
lot of areas where I do not understand how to switch their anxiety off
without that having effects on other bioprograms.
Which is making the entire methods not just one of injuring, but
drugging someone off anxiety.
Anxiety is often highly important.
I do not even understand how someone would mess around with the
anxiety of another who is fearing damages, to damage him.

Simplified the person is drugged and then hurt.

You might not call it punishment, but it sure has traits that are
sounding like three damage inputs at once, two drugs damaging and then
brain damages being run up to seizure level.

>as those who ignorantly think of it as a "cattle-prod" procedure applied to the
>head might assert.

Acutally I had not thought of that as I have not seen the two in
comparison yet.
But I find it intersting that you are mentioning it 
as if people might suspect that there is something similar to that.

>I can only hope your unfounded but confident assertions do not
>discourage someone from taking advantage of a therapy which DOES work
>for many depressives who still suffer and do not respond well to any

Are you completely freaking nuts?
No one sane in his mind would go junkying with someone with what you
are calling depressive unless maybe in the first initial healing
session when both the healer and healer in many healing traditions
might go on drugs.
And maybe on some other, very rare occasions.

To all people rated "depressed":
What Frank Le Fever just said is sounding like a bad healer messing
people up with drugs to get  at insurance money.
There are many reports of people killing themselves after having been
messed up far enough.

Frank Le Fever is basically saying that if you are not feeling better
after having been crippled with drugs he is recommending to cripple
your brain in other forms.

No good healer would ever say so.

Distrust all healers who are wanting you to cripple yourself and your

These balances consist of thousands of bio-programs at least, and
alterations in one area can effect many other areas.

The branch Frank Le Fever is of does not understand the brain and
Westie branches are trying to cripple people of other mammal races
they are declaring possession in order to compensate for that they are
not able to like other healers do mind-work directly.

It is within many  healer's practice of the human people(s) of Earth
to use a drug once that is effecting emotions and perception, very
often drugs that "heightening" certain emotions and energy perception
powers and are giving the healer a high access to your systems so that
he can alter balances there.

It is not custom among most healing branches to drug a person several
days in a row.

Depending on the drug this might lead to receptor molecule changes in
areas that are often not even vaguely understood in many of their
functions in the West, 
nor areas that are connected that might be also effected.,

>... many depressives who still suffer and do not respond well to any

This sentence is showing nearly utter inability and outright dangerous
attitudes within mental healing.

It seems to imply that drugging is a solution to emotion problems.

Simplified it really means that instead of doing what is needed so
that you feel O.K. you are drugging the important signals and are
messing up the balances. If that did not help you drug again with two
drugs , one of them sounding suspiciously like being for sedating you
enough to make the damages that are inflicted upon you less felt, and
then damage the brain up to seizure point.

>Your lack of intellectual honesty and humility is especially immoral in
>these life and death matters. (Yes, life and death; ever hear of
>depressed patients committing suicide?)

This is what I meant, the suicide rates of Westie system branches due
to drugging people more often than in the initial healing session /
ceremony are the highest I heard of all  mental healers.
The rate of people who were not drugged but still have been to Westie
system healers and they failed and afterwards people killed themselves
is still very high.

Many who went to system healers told me that before they were still
half-way O.K., then they were destroyed for life.

The intellectual honesty is often not going far enough to even inform
the person that the healer has been refusing to learn proper healing
arts that have been researched for thousands of years and is trying to
compensate such refusal with drugging the person,  
and the humility might be shown in the form of that the other is not
another human in need, but some patient categorized without
understanding even the correlations of even just a a few hundred of
the thousands of emotional bioprograms, 
and is not given the time that might be needed, but is alloted just
little time and is then pushed to delay, instead of running the
intitial healing session the proper way till the main load is out, so
that the rest can be balanced back far enough in the following days,
should that still be necessary after the initial healing session.

Also such is dangerous.
I recommend strongly against going to healers insisting that you are
limiting your problems to a timeframe within the first session.

Of course a healer should not be abused to make up for lacking own
friends, but be free for emergy situations.

...The sentence "not respond well to any medication" by the way also
implies that not only did the "healer" not be able to do that on the
initial session taking the right drugs together 
or just him one (usually sense enhancer)  and you none at all  
or both none, 
but he picked the wrong one, did not even understand how the person is
responding to what, and then made several such errors.

Instead of noticing after the first error that he is not far enough as
a healer to heal the other and to advice the other to visit (maybe a
certain) better healer.

As such I do not mind the use of drugs occasionally. I do know four
healing drugs that I find suited for a healer to take with the one
seeking mental healing , but those four ar distinctly different, so
that one person where I might find one of them correct, in another
person I might find outright dangerous.

If being at error and noticing that a drug is not working the way that
had been planned, like maybe in a catalyst effect for the initial
healing ceremony, it does not speak for a healer to not give the
systems a long time to resettle so that the drug is out (with some
drugs up to eight weeks), but within the next days or week(s) be
coming with the next stuff.

Such errors are a sign to change the healer or the healing branch if
suspecting that others of that branch are also not making a decent

Of course the will to change oneself and work on oneself should be
there, as if one does not want to change, then it might be pretty
futile to expect that someone else makes simsalabim! and you are
feeling fine again for real.

...Back to the text:

>Your putting "depression" in quotes suggests you do not take it
>seriously as a medical condition--"
You are generalizing too much.
I do know one person where I do not exclude that his bad moods are
medical conditions, as he is having powerful MBD signs and migraine
that keeps making me wish I had serotonin as a drug and could ask him
to try a bit of that when he has migraine. 
As he told me that he might be puking and have real bad stuff going
off for days in a row, together with signs that since I know him for a
while, too, did not sound at all like something just psychological 
but like something being physically wrong in his sytems 
that by what he told me I'd rate a medical condition.

He is usually in bad moods and I am usually feeling like lacking
energies and like many energy levels within me being erratic.
 A lot of the MBD/ MCD folks have loads of signs that if you are MBD
yourself might sometimes be standing out like a clown in the mass.

If that him and I are together we are often dropping human masks and
go MBD as we are knowing each other long enough for that.
Normal humans tend to get frigthened or worried of such or go
aggressive in odd ways.
With many MBDs there is both, physical causes and emotional reasons,
if there are certain imbalances.

One of the thingies that personally I valued about LSD emotion
generator accessing and was among the reasons that I did it back then,
was that if you are "in" there and then "ask" a question, if it it
makes the equivalent of !!!!BUMM!!!!! on LSD then I usually rated it
as psychological and if they remain without psychological reaction,
though maybe I am hopping around on something that many people would
consider nuts, then I learned to rate it MBD, and in books about MBD
and autism I also read that others do have a lot of that, too there,

Of course LSD is not something to be use in such case by someone
untrained unless with some folks possibly even wanting to risk death.

I just try to imply that you are expressing medical condition in a
weird way.

The ones that with that method I rated psychological and most MBD
caused I'd both not regard medical, and the psycho ones I can LSD
reprogram around with once they suck too much and start getting nasty.

The few where I do not exlude that there might be medical stuff seem
to do with energy stuff.

I have been contemplating at times to try altering energies with
drugs, but the side effects of the stuff that I read about sounded
dangerous, and there seemed not what I wanted, which would have been
stuff directly to do with either my own areas or the energy regulators
for my areas which might be more dangerous.

But then again I also thought that if the Homo Eversosapiens would
accept the Homo MBD and stop demanding that MBD people are reaching
the same that they are reaching, and would have special jobs open
where they do not expect reliability or/and simply ask people what
they can do and what they can not do and how much aggression control
they have, how likely the surrounding populace is to end up in
hospital or the grave and if quite possible when most and when not, if
they are getting along with others of their kind similar to them and
so on, then a lot might be far less of a problem.

In other words there might be even something wrong that is seeming
medical, but that does not mean that the own balances should be risked
to be messed up with some medical drug.

However when that friend has migraine, I wish I had serotonin for him,
as what he said there sounded medical.

But on suspicion I asked him what happens if he takes THC or LSD.
He said that the first is making it a little better and the second let
it stop when he tried it.

I had assumed so, though I was not able to say why.

But I was surprised that he said even high amounts of LSD help.

There are transmitter defects that I'd rate as medical, there might be
genetic defects that are seeing to medical problems and some MBD stuff
might also range into medical, though there I'd be very careful as the

sytems there might reestablish to weird own balance systems, that
might seem odd to me but in themselves be intricate balances so ways
away  from many humans, that I might find it hard to tell how wise it
would be to alter much there, apart from that many MBDies find their
ways to drugs fast enough and then find out also maybe, that a lot of
stuff is not working with them as it seems to work with other folks,
which is the next tricky aspect.

I'd say that there are medical reasons but that that is rare.

With most, if you go through sort of the healer base list of 
nice partner
at least 4-7 reliable friends not just met the other day,
enough sports, 
enough sunlight,
getting up to do with sunlight and not some alarm clock,
no mood altering drugs like THC, cigarettes, or some other stuff,
job they are content with,
enough interesting inputs in life,
and with women after 24 child(ren)
and maybe some other stuff, 
and what they are eating and drinking

then often you are getting a RE that that is speaking volumes about
eg. levels,
or maybe you straight get something like that they are from Kuristan
and while thy were absent their family was gassed. 
Or that sone crashed the car and killed the family 
or something like that.

Suspicious for medical causes are people 
were there do not seem signs for eg.1 or eg.3 causes, 
where if asked if there are reasons the person is saying that they do
not know why, and where there are loads of physical differences 
that either look like MBD or genetic or something like that. 

>everybody feels bad sometimes; why
>don't they just pull themselves together? 
Here the self-circling degree MIGHT be interesting to contemplate...

>get a hobby or something to distract thenmselves".  Is that your level of understanding? That is

>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group

You are accusing someone of some assumption that you are having 
and then are saying that that is disgusting.

There does seem no sign  that the erratic arguing of yourself is
apparent to you.

Such for example is in case of normal processing cases a sign for
quite powerful psychological imbalances.

Such can be used to to discern.

Here only the way to deal with the problems is more difficult, because
people like that are often not accessible to logic.
Also they might be censoring out data in order to justify the own

Mistaking someone's remarks for batttefield conditions of crossing
assuming attacks where there are none and so on are signs of massive
errors and one of the few cases where Western psychology might be

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