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Wed Dec 23 00:14:58 EST 1998

>Why didn't he read a little something about ECT or about MRI before he
>exposed his pathetic ignorance and muddled thinking to the world?

Spoke the one with pathetic knowledge about magic and a lot of other
areas to do with the brain 
(that people of many other branches usually do know) 
to someone not of his branch.

>A few hours in a good library could have spared him public shame

I do not recall shame on Cheng but on you a lot so far.

There are lot of people here mistaking theories for what is.

You are one of the few here who is turning personal aggression out at
others for what they do not know. And even at times for what they are
knowing, and even then you do have a tendency not to apologize.

If you "look" for a shame to your branch that should be into healing
then you do not have to look with your eyes at all.

While some of the people here going into aggressions either keep it
targeted to the argument but are able to discern between the argument
and the person and while others tend to usually not go for the person
unless that person went for them first, you are one of the few here
going for the person often in a way that is not even pretending to aim
at data correction and sometimes even though the other's data IS
correct and you are just mistaken and believe that it is not, and then
start making fun of it, at some point babbling about slings and arrows
if I am not mistaken, taking several times longer than the short line
that others verified to have been correct, and afterwards did not even
have the honour to officially apologize.

(Though I do not know if you did till now, didn't bother to download
stuff of the last weeks yet. In the posts that I have so far you did
not. So much for shame.).

>which will follow him for days, weeks, months, or years (depending on how long the memories of newsgroup readers are...)
Did you ever consider treatment?
Do you really believe that all newsgroup readers have nothing else to
do than for ages going into emotionally babying over some errors that
were not intended to harm?  

The error rate in this room is mind-bogglingly high at times from my
perception. There are totally basic principles that are not understood
and there is so much that is left out and tried to be compensated by
taking a little that has been gained at the cost of people of other
races, and warping that in sometimes up to hilarious ways to fit
somehow to whatever theories some favour, that if I'd be busy tracking
any error in here making internal lists for years of who did what
error I'd be busy, apart from that I do not even have the concept you
have for others that errors are shame (errare humanum est), 
though in yourself you do not seem to regard them so.

The shame of neurology and what they did might even outlast human
history, so even if after the murders of humans in Iraq or at some
other time the right people for that have enough and the whole world
gets too unihabitable for humans, what was done by the human mammal to
other mammals is on record and has also been broadcast to an extent
out into space.

Someone delighting in stuff to do with someone's eye-nerves cut or
slicing around in his I areas and other stuff like that might be
noticed there ways longer, and is not just a shame for the single
human, but humanity.

>ECT works by causing seizure activity in the nerve cells of the brain. 

>What this seizure activity does that is beneficial in treating
>depression is not so clear, 
Small wonder, as the causes as such might be "overblended" but the
reasons behind should still there.

There are less damaging sounding ways to catapult people out of what
they drilled themselves into.

>but changes in neurotransmitter balances
>seem likely. 
For that I do not need to damage a brain.

But let me guess, these days lobotomy is out and other braindamaging
stuff is in again.

Drug-damaging hardly understood areas of the brain (and some body) is
not sufficient, so energy maiming is added.

>  We are just beginning to understand some of the
>cellular-level changes involved,
Dark lol

>However there is NO reason to invoke "memory erasure". 

That might depend a bit on which cells you are damaging how often and
to what extent.

Also whose cells you are damaging.

There are people sensitive enough that they are having ranges of
hundreds of kilometers, and others whom you can basically stick in
front of a T.V. and don't mind, as they are not used to extend even
just some centimeters.

> If this were the basis, patients who recovered from depression 
Are we at talking about shame due to ignorance?
What are you exactly referring to with depression?

Not understanding the causes, damaging another brain and then getting
some superficial results is stuff that could be done in less damaging
ways as well, but as long as the causes are not altered, then how do
you know that the person will not have the same or similar problems
fast enough again, and how do you know that the systems are not just
wanting to avoid threatening damages, like slapping some crying as
long every time he does, till you might get to where he stops doing
it, but then shouting: Oh, he does not cry anymore, I cured him!
What I read here is sounding to me beyond levels that I could express
without going outright insulting.

> Indeed, in an effort to AVOID even transient memory
>disruption, some use unilateral ECT rather than bilateral...

So best you overload some side up to damages reaching seizure

I wish this were just some sick joke.

>And why do we not use MRI to treat depression?  Because it apparently
>has NO effect on brain physiology. (I am open to correction on this. 
>If someone knows of evidence of some subtle changes, I'd be interested.

Do you seriously think anyone sane would stick his head under stuff
that sounds suspiciously like to do with magnetic ranges and maybe
with throughout-systems-effecting ranges
and run cancer test rat for you or something like that?

(If you want to know pop enough acid that the amount where the pupils
go wide is not exceeded by more than 2/3 than that, then use that
thingie on yourself when the pupils are starting to reach full size
and tune your brain to it and just vibe along with it with closed eyes
and do not lose focus too much in the next hours. LSD is feeling like
one of the fastest restructurer and biggest amplifiers I know.
To all except nerds: I seriously recommend not to do what I just

If you were to change brain physiology of someone not understanding
what you are doing and damaging systems up to seizure level
for me you'd straight range under criminal.

I do not mind altering the brain physiology of others as such, 
to be able to have other brains as backups within magic perception for
tuning and more tracks, I have been doing that in my ways often enough
and sometimes also went a little too far.

But to go till seizure is something that to me is sounding like
typical Westie "healing".

Now, if we are looking for shame, how on Earth can someome try to
compensate his inability in understanding correlations behind 
generalized "depression" 
by damaging another human till seizure point.

Westie mental "healers" have the reputation to be among the worst of
Earth and of the few who decided to try to heal without proper magic
education and without proper drug education and without parallel
education to physical healer.

I hope at some point they are at least getting developed far enough
out of primitiveness and violence and out of damaging people and often
causing them to kill themselves, to at least transferring to other
healers with thousands of years of healing knowledge behind them or
others who are seeming more apt at healing than they do,
instead if trying to compensate one of the worst and most primitive
healing educations of Earth with damaging the people seeking help.
Often going by outer signs categorized in ways that would be funny of
it were not that there are even people who go publicly 
MY ...(category)... patient.

>Mr. Cheng: I repeat my suggestion to find a less critical newsgroup. 

You never grow tired of censoring attempts, do you?
(Ever considered a career as polititian in China?)

Cheng in his way does belong here. 

More so than you.

Do you know the difference between an intelligent data-parroter
lacking most of the humour of a parrots, with the manners of an orc
and attitudes that in magic would be befitting a Black Magician, 
and an erratic researcher with limited frontal capacities and possibly
limited own ones, but usually a kind person?

>No point (pun?) in "crossing swords" with worthy challengers if you are
>incapable of the intellectual honesty of acknowledging when you've been

Excuse me, was this the one who went on about slings and arrows?

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

Neuropsychology, aha.

How amazing that the centers of the psyche, consisting of (at least)
thousands of bio-programs, have not been mentioned yet. 

Which might be the reason to contemplate drugging people apart from
the initial healing session, inflicting seizures and all sorts of
other damages, instead of accessing the according programs as far as
possible and altering the balances to where one assumes that they are
better, which a decent healer tends to be able within some hours to
some days, unless it is a really tricky case.

If having MY x-catergory Patient, then the dear patient might have to
stay patient for a loooong time.
Or straight commit suicide when realizing that he is not a human
helped by a healer, but soandso category.

BTW, what WORTHY challengers?

Are we on some battlefield?
With some nerd to daft to notice someone hit?

> I repeat my suggestion to find a less critical newsgroup.

Once upon a time there was a headblind who was sense-censored like a
Vatican sheep,
and therefore was not even able to judge a lot of the theories of
others and their value, as he could neither perceive within himself
nor within other brains directly, unless he used some narrow-range

But that did not bother him from wanting to censor all out that did
not fit to his ideas of what and who was worthy, 
as the historic lessons about censoring seemed to have taught him
something that they did not to advanced people.

Within criticizing he seemed too primitive to discern between a
criticism and insult, and therefore went insulting others, and when
they got upset about that accused them of not being able to take

As errare humanum est is not exactly something folks came up with
yesterday, there seemed to be a development in many inner things that
lagged nearly as far back as his magical education.

So here we are with one of the examples of criticism that are sounding
like taking moods out more than anything else:

flefever at Frank LeFever) wrote:

> kccheng ... (if he were capable of shame, that is). 

I find your remarks out of place.

I recall that concerning memory stuff you and Cheng both have been
using THE memory.
You never got much of the subatomic stuff that Cheng is closer to, 
he never got area distribution stuff that you are closer to, 
neither seemed to be much into chemical differences nor some other
stuff.  So just for example concerning stuff to do with memory you and
Cheng are not that different from my point of perspective.

Apart from the difference that if you and neuro did not exist, I might
have told Cheng what I knew back then about different memory systems
and stuff connected, and not destroyed nearly all of it. 
...At least it is nice that you folks can mess a long time in the I
areas of people of other races you tortured and slaughtered, and then
theorize about the results, and you simply won't get it, as me old
brainvampire knows, too, what I can get when I subatomically link with
brains and what I cannot get and for what another sort of linking
would be necessary, and as long as you do not get the keys to that,
the world might still be at least a little safe of the results of what
neuro is doing there.

...If  what someone else did not know  would bother you seriously, 
Frank LeFever,  then you would teach them in a suited way adapted to
their level what you want them to know,
instead of going for personal insulting of the level of some teenage
(G.:) Prol.

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