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Wed Dec 23 00:14:51 EST 1998

(To certain others: Skip)

>Re the above deluded psychotic Eric Johnson:

Cheng, are you wishing to go to his level?
So far you seemed further in wisdom in some such stuff.

An old slightly nationalistic proverb here says:
"What does it bother the German oak if some wild boar is rubbing it's
back against it?"

>Only a deluded person with delusions of grandeur would say such a thing!
Hey, I enjoy to be one, and I did not.

>What is there that I have done for me to be as clear as who Saddam
>Hussein is?
Do you know him? 
Have you recently talked in his language with him?
Been akasha surfing with energies of his brain? ...
Hollow words.
>   You are one court of deluded injustice.  


>I dare you in the future never to touch my works 
Why would that bother you, apart from that I doubt he'd be interested
for serious as else he would first have understood what you are
claiming, next checked it scientificially and then written a
scientific RE or would have checked in other ways and if not
consenting would have pointed out errors.

>and be out of your teaching position! =
IS he a teacher? Ohoh.  A teacher who is going personal against
someone who usually does not, 
and never bothering to say what is wrong in the other's theories and
maybe how it is really, and going to primitive insulting, does not
sound like a good teacher.


wej3715 at (Walter Eric Johnson) wrote:

>K C Cheng (kccheng at wrote:
>: John wrote:
>: > Well then, if it is beyond scientific doubt then why aren't the scienti=
>: sts
>: > listening? 
>: It's beyond scientific doubt not just to me, but to all the available
>: scientific truth in physics, perception, thinking, neurology,
>: neurophysiology. . .. Objective. When people get to know them, they'll
>: see the truth. =
>The truth is that you're just another lunatic crackpot with about as
>much credibility in any scientific field as Saddam Hussein has in 
>the pursuit of peace.
>Eric Johnson

I take it that you are not even understanding what Cheng's theories
are, might be understanding even less about how the brain is
functioning, and have not gotten yet that Westie science due to
following Vatican sense censoring and not teaching magic at their
universities are usually not understanding subatomic matters well in
comparison to peoples having researched energies for thousands of

I assume that what Cheng might be referring to is that there are
methods of proof that are acknowledged as science,
while what you are referring to is some monopolizing people.

Maybe you and Chang are having different understandings of science.

For me it means knowing and since a lot of the scientist are making an
art of ignoring the own senses and stay not knowing,
I take it similar to the word "sapiens" in Homo Sapiens.

An expression that is used not in context with the original meaning

Literally something beyond scientific doubt might be something beyond
knowing doubt.

Ever bothered to check out how much Westies KNOW about electrons,
and how much they guess?

Ever bothered to study akasha and analyzed "electromagnetic"?

I notice that neither area differences concerning memory storing, nor
differences to do with data storing in different phases of childhood
in comparison to adulthood are mentioned, that Alzheimer, some drug
effects and chemical storing differences are not mentioned, etc.

>The truth 
>is that you're just another lunatic crackpot 

This sentence makes me doubt your perception of truth,
among other reasons as it sounds suspiciously like you are not even
understanding a few hundred of the thousands of emotional bioprograms
within some of the areas of your systems nor interrelations, as people
who know a bit about such tend to talk different.

>with about as
>much credibility in any scientific field as Saddam Hussein has in 
>the pursuit of peace.
>Eric Johnson

The USA and England a few days ago have been murdering people in
Baghdad and other places.

If talking about peace, the USA is on occupied territory, is having a
high murdering rate even among children, is having a high suicide
rate, is occupying other areas, and is refusing to even give small
areas of what they stole back to completely independent Red Indian

If I count the areas in which Suddam Hussein's folks killed I come to
Kurdistan, Iraq and maybe a few other places.
If I count the areas where Clinton's or other US president's folks
killed, the list is going on and on and on.

I do not recall on single attack of Saddam Hussein onto the land that
the USA is occupying of Red Indian land.

The murderings for a long time have been executed from the USA and the
number of murders committed of the USA against others, starting with
how they got the land where they are now till now, is staggering.

I have an American partner who is wanting me to live in the USA and I
told him that if the Lakota got at least some of their land returned
we could live there, if he were Mexican I might be willing to live
there, if he were from Zaire I might consider living there,
but that the USA  is too primitive and violent for my taste, and that
it is not a place where I can live in peace, starting with that there
seems to be no day without loads of stuff going beep!-beep!, so that
in many areas, apart from not having the artificial ranges peace you
do not get here either, you are not even getting acoustic peace.

Violence within conversations with USies in average played a high

If USies had been out for peace with people from Iraq they would not
have attacked Iraq or only shortly to make a point and then have
helped to rebuild the stuff and would have apoligized for it.
Children would be taught the language(s) of the others, and families
would go there to travel and drink tea with folks and invite them
and given serious interest in peace I assume that also offers for
education would have been made like medical studies in Sweden, Norway
or other places not recently known for violence, 
in South America to make sure magic fine tuning and sensitivity might
be learned, 
and maybe in some other interesting places that do not sound like
mono-system brainwashing,
and aiming at good education around the world to get away from local
national or religious fanatism.

If you were that much for peace you sure speak at least the language
of the other one?
And maybe some more?

Moch mafish.

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