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Cijadrachon cijadra at
Wed Dec 23 00:14:44 EST 1998

(To certain people: Skip)

>If memories are stored as electromagnetic particles, shouldn't we be able to
>detect a magnetic field arising from brain cells (eg by seeing if 

>brain samples 

>attract/repel a compass placed near this sample?)

Are you volunteering to give the brain samples or are you intending to
get them from some person of another race like some neuros or what is
the suggestion meaning?

I guess the entire brain sample if we take one of yours should sure
"attract/ repel" and entire compass 
in astounding telekinetics power display.

>And shouldn't that attraction/repulsion be greater for adult brain tissue
>than children's tissue because adults have more memories than children?
>> I don't understand something. 
I nearly failed to notice.

>Or is there another explanation?
Study akasha

>However, the marvel of the neurons
THE neurons... 
>is that they can retain 


>memory pieces 

I assume that I am too handicapped to follow your generalized

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