retrograde/anterograde labeling??

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Wed Dec 23 00:14:33 EST 1998

> work 
>of S Florence and J Kaas (Science,
>this month), showing abnormal labelling patterns in 

>arm amputated monkeys, 

These folks are so sick that if I were jut minimally different, I'd go
and amputate their arms and do to any neuro human mammal what he did
to persons of another mammal race.

Starting with those imprisoning and mutilating our closer relatives,
like here.

>Hope, my intention becomes clearer , now.


If someone cuts of the arm if another  
all you have to babble about is some millimeter stuff.
Someone should cut off the arms and whatever you indulge in of your
systems and then you can look in your own brain what it does.

And amazingly enough if it is the own arm then I am sure that suddenly
the topic would be ever so different.

When do you finally admit that we mammals have our I areas in the
limbic system?
And the base of the own I area in the hippocampus?

Have some more Alzheimer folks die and have psycchology lag ages back
and people getting driven to kill themselves by them 
or killing themselves because they do not understand something they
need to understand and that might be far easier if you'd finally admit

admit where we are, and autists mute and parents not knowing how to
communicate with them and people with mental retardation not
understood in their problems,
... so you can go and cut arms and eye nerves and whatever you feel
like of persons of other races?

We mammals have main I-areas in the limbic system.

Admit it finally and what you are doing there to people of other

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