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To Tom Schuler

"Tom Schuler" <duo at> wrote:

>Cijadrachon wrote

>>...Thou art Forvgiven

>Hey, how about me? 
If I am making a joke on Ken's style & ways, that does not mean YOU.
Apart from that Ken, though he might ignore the central topic and go
off on his stuff, is at least not starting to insult me post after
post like someone wanting to take out his moods and looking for some
fake pretext. Ken is seeming rather kind and is also one of the few in
that room where if he was living around the corner and akasha surfing
was his sort of thingie, I might have a joint and show his brain some
starter energy stuff that likely no one would would show you with your
"employ" attitudes.  

> Last I heard you had challenged me to an LSD deathmatch,
>so long as I paid the airfare to Germany.  
How you got here, and if you swam with a blow-up rubber duckie ring, 
I actually did not really care about. You had been babbling about
practical aspects before.

>...Can we bring celebrity
>tag-team partners?
> wouldn't have to let HBO redecorate your apartment to make room for the
>Pay-Per-View cameras.  
Actually neither with this nor with your kook room, where you seem to
like to hang out, I know what you are babbling about, but I am not in
the mood to actually search for some dictionary to translate what you
are blabbing there.
>I mean, all I did was introduce your writing to
>alt.usenet.kooks and you got all upset.
You are obviously mentally confused and seem to have forgotten loads
of posts before, in so far forget the challenge. After all that honour
babbling and insulting of mine and my profession I had expected some
man and not some warped USAie without concepts of honour and mentally
too confused to know what he is doing.
You are not even worth it.
And since you insulted me and were not willing to take it out in old
style, let me go for your insulting, too, in return, in little boyie
Du Kacklappen bist keinen Fussabtreter wert.

Just in case you are bothering in some mentally more cohesive phase to
track the original conversation:

In bionet.neuroscience under "brain implants give the paralyzed a
voice" Mentifex had posted something containing the sentence: 
>Mr. King described the futuristic work of Emory University scientist Dr. Roy Bakay, 
and I had been stoned and had mistaken the "futuristic" in wrong
translation to my language as meaning that it was not something
current, but a project planned in the future.  As Menitfex at times
writes bunches of nonsense, I had not taken the whole serious, 
but serious enough that I thought I should write some Re aiming at
that if there should be someone bright enough falling over it, he
might work out more humane solutions that what had been mentioned

(According to someone in the HHI to do with communication, though not
with that area, the concept as such that I had at that time might have
been convertible, if someone had had the money and had been
interested. Not that that matters, as I am not seriously interested
either as I regard it as freaking dangerous in later abuse potential;
had been more a theoretical checking afterwards.).

Your first interruptions so totally out of topic I first more took as
some joke, then eventually you got on my nerves when you never came
with ANY constructive criticism of the topic AT ALL..

Obviously you managed to forget the entire original article of
Mentifix, and also the stoned misunderstanding (but as such serious
answer(s) with serious enough concepts in it that I assumed a few into
magic might find the cybermagic potential maybe even more fascinating
than I), and also a bunch of following exchanges in which you kept
insulting me, taking your moods out without ever referring to what
your solutions or opinions about the original topic were, as that did
not seem the point  at all. You wrote that I know nothing in my
current profession that I have studied for years and made also remarks
concerning "employing" telepathy someplace and about me having to go
to travel to some other guy in some other land, and that I must do so,
and other such incoherent stuff  that I thought you sounded suited to
possibly be actually daft enough to sit down opposite to some LSD
teacher on a neat amount of the right stuff that would have rendered
you probably something not far from intellectual vegetable and would
have made me transit autist and give me sector targetting power for
your systems,  and would have blocked signals from emotional areas
that make a human humane off my own systems in the brain, heehee; 
MBD autism has an advantage or two. 

The way you never got jokes on myself or you, not even blatant ones
that many older children might have gotten easily enough here,
and the way you seem to have forgotten that the posts were based on a
stoned RE to Metifex stuff that in the start I mistook for some future
project in futuristic planning stage and therefore joked on it
because in this age of thousands of years of magic research data and
the last decades of technical data to me such as had been done there
sounded like some gross joke,
and the way even there you never did take a clear position to "brain
implants give the paralyzed a voice",
and also the reactions to after you insulted my honour and my
profession and then reacted to a serious challenge like some retarded
USAie, I guess I better keep it at insulting you back like I did and
that way we can get even the kiddie way.

Forget about that death challenge.
Given the displays of your brain you are not just excused,
it would be against my honour if I actually tried to kill you. There
seems something not correct with your memory system in the front the
way you forget detail data and do not get even blatantly obvious
jokes, but unlike in some forms of MBD it seems more to do with the
central processing and emotional handling.

In case your Re should go to bionet neuroscience I'd appreciate it if
the Re would finally contain thoughtful opinions about the original
topic:"brain implants give the paralyzed a voice". 

If you just want to go for Kindergarden level, ... 
topic independent as so far, and seeming just out for personal stuff
like telling me which stranger in which occupied land I must visit,
and going insulting for post after post if I do not apply for the visa
and pack my stuff to get going at your command, and after talking to
me about practical stuff concerning such travellings, obviously not
even being practical enough to come here to my land for some practical
magic duel to hopefully practically remove such once and for all, 
evading like some child not having reached inner manhood yet, and then
pretending that the whole never took place and it was some stuff to do
with some kook room you like, or something like that, etc.
... then how about you do all such in the future by e-mail.

I am sure that there'd be a lot of others appreciating that, too.

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