The Intellectual Gestapo against Dopamine

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Wed Dec 23 21:17:00 EST 1998

Tyranny, where ever it occurs, and whatever form it occurs, Contradicts
everything that's within our nervous systems, except Ignorance.

Forced medication is Unspeakably-Tyrannical. 

Better Prison than the Forced Transformation into that which one is
innately Not.

Better Schools than Prisons.

Better Love than Anything else. ken collins

patanie at wrote:
> Since sometimes we are seeing an increasing demonisation of dopamine,
> supposedly being at the core of "drug" "addiction".
> The Inquisition against "drug addicts" is the last of a serie of
> inquisitions which started with the catholic church against "witches".
> In each inquisition,a self-elected authority decided to control the mind
> and the body of others.
> The Catholic Inquisition invented an arbitrary devilry (diablerie) called
> "witch".
> The Nazi Inquisition invented an arbitrary devilry called "Jew".
> The "Drug Intellectual Gestapo" invented an arbitrary devilry called
> "drug addict".
> Concerning the historical aspects of inquisitions,I refer the reader to
> the books of French Philosopher Michel Foucault and US Psychiatrist
> Thomas Szasz.
> The present gestapo concerning "drug addicts + dopamine" is highly
> dangerous because dopamine is at the centre of human behaviours
> concerned with fight for survival.
> Nobody can be authorised to,externally,manipulate the dopamine levels of
> individuals.
> Such a mind control would,soon,transform the spirit of fight for
> survival,of human beings,into a spirit of submission and slavery.
> The right that no external "authority" can control dopamine activity of
> our brain should be,prominently,established,in the Declaration of Human
> Rights.
> The Dopamine Gestapo behaviours should,immediately,cease.We
> have,already,seen enough wiuth the inquisition against the pleasures of
> President Clinton...
> Cheers,
> Claude
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