For the bombardment and toetung of others.

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To yourney(wo)man into The Temple OF The Mind. 

As it seems NOT possible for some to regard my explicit wish to of 
enough to and-purchased the part for students into the mind and 
GET far enough to become a yourney(wo)man into the mind, I decided 
that to of continue in my own LANGUAGE might a solution, as the 
according people to of ME seemed NOT the type OF the intellectual 
horizon to able to follow and RH much in OTHER LANGUAGES 


This are meant a series and not to the fact that one commentates 
Please comments under other titles transmit, and the RH key for 
this do not click.

Moving, possibly false thoughts, among other things over border 
science areas and personal superstition 

For the bombardment and toetung of others:  

I question me, which  would occur, if millions announce themselves
voluntarily and into the proximity of the places to fly or directly
there, with camera  on board on transmission in the case of attacks,
and the  passengers of many places of the world, so that one can
destroy the other place only, if one destroys millions of other
humans, who have perhaps directly peace symbols on the kutte.

If for example the catholic Pope would induce times his back 
after Baghdad, and then there abtaucht, I want not to exclude, 
bombardment then to nevertheless quite suddenly continue would 


Yesterday I with the buddy ' ne round Enterprise geglotzt, and a 
consequence seen, where another race with Enterprise people made 
experiments, which did not seem so far to those the neurology 
today with persons other races from the moral, and for me was 
regarded from other aspects by far more interesting.

With the scanning of the Bordmitgliider it noticed to me that the 
pictures did not seem to me in such a way, how I would have 
expected, if the other one scannt and changes subatomically.

It was called later the fact that when regarding the genes on the 
Enterprise the best dissolution it was already used which was 
however yet not subatomically - although I cannot say whether with 
machines is possible.

The inserted other " building blocks " had a marking, me likewise 
not in the pattern fit too seemed.

Next the question rose for me whether a building block in the 
place can being described by relevance like there, since I would 
have expected the fact that they are either more at both ends and 
something transmit directly by the channel between the Doppelhelix 
or that it concerns itself in the something, which not at all 
absolutely settles in the gene, and subatomically not only related 
to the Helix themselves lively by the area controls.

With a Doppelhelix then also so the thought aufschlumpft itself, 
how actually the other Helixseite looks, if one clean-clinches 
page on a test component.

As such the idea is to be hunted so long artificial energies by 
other people systems, until genetically somewhat changes, and it 
after cancer the earth furniture industry set in motion, not as 
long as to it pension must to be radiated and it fewer property 
workstation fill (and after 20 years perhaps none more, which is 
worth to the speech), naturally not even again.

There the question, whether it will ever be possible to in-
deactivate equivalent directly subatomically into the Doppelhelix 
of cells and to reprogrammieren, is fascinatingly, also auf's 
aging regarded.

Perhaps run then however fewer to insert does artificial of block 
to operate than with certain oscillations which perhaps cause 
eintunen and (?) modifications there on the Doppelhelix (o./u.

...Perhaps different one) of the cells?  are already if I with 
theoretical twaddle:  The rumor kitchen announced that clones 
should be theoretically nunmehro possible.

Present times, you clone yourself to you and make then, perhaps 
on old kite pasteboard, with the embryo after the sixth month 
telepthische dry-docking in the form that you in-swing enough on 
the back degree and from the brain, around eye channel acces to 
wars, and later perhaps more.

(No Hallus shifts, energy low keeps, adults emotions outside 
holds, if the other one wants that one verschlumpft oneself, 
immediately raus, if inside, too much Action is not enough to 
make, and at first very much passively for phases to have...

Remainder finds elsewhere raus, I wants not people here to to 
bloedsinnigen ideas at expense of others to tempt.)   The systems 
do not seem to be meant with the embryo even for it that one 
clean-rattles there, I had warnings for transmitting adult 
emotions and had the impression that structures in uncanny rate in 
an extent change, which I did not observe with adults so ever.

Is more than theoretically to be regarded, not than operating 
instruction to perhaps vermurksen Emryogehirne but I ask myself 
not only, which courses mankind would go, if one would begin to 
try in larger style to embryos starting from end of the sixth 
monthly magically to outside to interlace and before the birth 
different teach (structures!),  but also which occurs, if one goes 
with embryos Akashasurfen cloned by itself, but so the fact that 
it does not disturb the other person and such a thing then over 
several generations continues.

...Advanced Borgtum...

Topic branch:  
Had read something, what the vague impression of a 
lithium crystal cube in the HHI in Berlin and something to me with 
photon energy left and raised in me the question whether one 
greased two cubes or and a mirror build could, then whole somehow 
similarly the enough to Occipitalakasha and cingulate Akasha 
rantunt, but not so closely perhaps that it brings the own stuff 
in disorder too much (?), and then so'n few Magierzombies says, it 
is itself times opposite set and always prettily by the energy to 
through-fire, reintunen, in it to run carts... One could plant the 
Praktizierer of the magic naturally also  before a mirror, both ever 
on a page of the field.

Depending on, who plays in such a way there in such a way there 
with which one for ranges, one should nevertheless actually be 
able, if not so, then perhaps differently to move the Borgtum a 
stucco more near by rausfindet already times, on like many 
differently ranges petrols after normal citizen magic short brain 
scrubber or advanced Magieschluempfe in such a way hineinballern 
to be able there, and dan perhaps a halfway sinniges signal system 
develop that the dear small ones then to learn and to develop be 

Then can itself our descendant still many unpopular 
in space make, by they the Lucifersymbol, not create, without to 
checken, ob's available harmony disturb, same in style break, by 
one itself equal of the own Bude out, perhaps in networking also a 
few other, to satellite and station in the space couple, and then 
times correct ' ne round galactic Akashabalancen mix " go ".

Why so'n is Feldli to be magically influenceable only in the 
small style?  

If we need to nevertheless actually try only times, 
which occurs, if one sets times in something larger the styles in 
order/through the Akahsa of our galactic neighbours, or simply in 
the freestyle hardly understands galactic Balancen, dioe one, it 
mixes up and whether then recent court:  Ex-HomoWasfuerSapiens 
Akashamuesli follows.

Topic Muesli & freestyle:  
Property forget whether ich's already 
mentioned, but I old Phobiker have now times no support on it, me 
with Alzheimer, ms or cancer systems to vereschalten, since I am 
too superstitious for it despite corresponding data lack, but it 
aufschlumpfte itself me already so the question, which would 
actually occur, if someone tries with multiple Sklerose to let the 
majority of the awake phase run the systems on magic perception 
often to to transzendieren and the illuminating stages aim at if 
possible to go and with different other brains Akashasurfen.

Then I had still so the question, which would occur, if someone, 
the branch ral can rumspuken and lever perception has (if such 
people also wars?)  Ms kriegt and then tries to head for lever 
movements or differently by it for example only the branch ral 
lever outside of the lever moved (if that is not also then no 
longer so possible?),  then " the fields semi links " and the 
movement executes, perhaps even with second, that from its system 
in the other lever also times tried, if such a thing goes and is 
not too unhealthy.
White not, whether one then genuinly solang ever which move can 
has me stop only times in such a way asked, what occurs, if man's 
would try persistently.

Or also, which would occur, if two mental blow-term-act try to 
through-couple by the heading of the other one.
Or which occurs, if a branch ral traveler sleeps during the other 
one or also awake into the other heading schlumpft and differently 
thereby alternate his branch ral heading.

Is rather theoretical, but I sometimes find it fascinating over " 
which would be if " to think.

Which be, if with be suitable system the social 
Individualismus introduce, earth no more than possession see 
however one people concept fair grant, one try, which population 
so far war, that here enough workstation for much the itself 
develop race be around and very pleasant place live with still 
sufficient, the still " free " be and with naatuerlicher nature as 
the rule and artificial modification as the exception, and one the 
research on align, that one times the Big fear for faith without 
far proof also not differently see than other religion, and 
instead times so assume, that behind Akashasysteme be can, those 
far old be and that  also beforehand draws, so that one its ass 
now necessarily beside it into a swing chair to plant does not 
have, but after a few billion Jaehrchen or billions billion...
Galaxy cluster turns or such a thing enough is perhaps also far, 
beforehand woandershinzuschlumpfen.

And that it may be more practical therefore if one in such a way 
creates cie own research that one tries to make itself here it 
comfortably for all persons of all races, which space concerns 
itself and the Luzifer Zymbol holds, and hopes that if we here for 
a long time enough peacefully rumschlumpfen perhaps that then 
(only in a few millions or billions years) nicely enough find us, 
us data in which we, are interested, to give.

That saves sometimes more billions on years and research, than I 
can introduce myself.

And wenn's it seems suspekt in such a way as if the sun would 
shine no longer in such a way shortly in this theatre, as 
compatible with the own life, then one can consider oneself with 
signs beforehand already times whether one creates oneself on one 
of the neighbour systems already times ' ne suitable world 
comfortably enough, so that one navigates then there ' ne charge 

Topic space research:  

if Amis and other then times 
with murder and Prolen finished be, und's no so poor be, that the 
important be, have I still times gladly a space station with long 
controllable " lever ", and those transparent ball or like that 
something be, in the Magier the earth, which moral far enough be 
and magic good perception have, itself of the station out go can 
and they then so in position control can, that they a relative 
unimpaired perspective have.

Also group interconnecting could be interesting.

Cybermagi or technical reinforcement could be dangerously however 

Other topic:  Space or Asteroiden or different one than cemetery 
could have also so its interesting pages.

And in the today's age of the hermetic, relatively good 
possibilities of enclosing a corpse with something transparent one 
I ask myself, why is not  the no more made and why no more does 
not exist the option to also be able to be kept at certain 
cemeteries oeberhalb the earth.

In the cultures in those death made something abstract one wurdce 
that in the Glotze in quantities is to be only seen, I determine 
thereby no particularly higher appreciation, but partially high 
suicide rates.

The cover-up of death from the life seems to me falsely, the 
Erlaerung of some Westies that another has to be completely away, 
as soon as the axon operation away is than stupid and morally 
beside it.

I find the custom of the dead guard correct, and according to my 
opinion should dig under the ground electrodes more to be analyzed 
particularly in cases, where those can be gangs of the other one 
an important process for the other one not to clasp in false form 
at the dead one.

Hiding death leads in some cases for years to substantial 

...A few weeks ago I am gelatscht with someone over the Friehof, and 
it overcame me in such a way to go on the cemetery Akashasurfen.

Mean after instincts several assumed.

Then I came to a grave, seemed again, and besides burned a 
candle, so'ne sort, which a few day can burn.

I asked myself whether the relatives wanted perhaps that the 
corpse so alone is there down not, and had a pair Ruendchen 
downward scanned, until I had the feeling to have the heading and 
tried, to turn " me in the others purely with the heading " 
whereupon the candle energy perception changed and the Vollmon 
seemed themselves over strong.
I tried it several times, and every time I had the feeling the 
scanners to have eingeancert correctly that occurred again.

The light of the candle me as such which changed, did not seem 
the ranges to those from my repertoire to be.

I had then sometime the feeling to have the corpse of a not 
Maigers to teach and that slowly as one dry-docks on me.
And the feeling that at such " day not at all only one reacted to 
the open door " there drauf.

The other one wanted then away, and I also went.

Where I conversed later with it times about the whole and in 
thoughts on the cemetery was, I had suddenly the feeling that we 
any longer alone were not, but since we were on pasteboard, I was 
not safe.
The energies came from a certain place in the wall.

I stretched the heading from the window.
That was direction cemetery and seemed with the place of the 
grave to correspond rather good.

I hoped times in such a way then that that was fancy.

And it noticed to me that I had not also asked the other one, 
whether it disturbs it, if I there times evenly runterassele, and 
which could not away-turn also yet times the heading.
And that it would be particularly fair of therefore perhaps also 
not, even if it is not fancy, differently andersrum one falsely to 

Me have the then anyhow only times go with 
Necromancer stuff, but I imagine me in such a way, that if people 
there absolute drauf out be and one assume can, that it the dead 
not too much disturb, that it perhaps good be, the correspond 
people the brain far magic modify, that they on 3-4m come and 
know, how/as one a occipitalen Cortex anzielt, then koemnnen they 
instead with the corpse Akashasurfen go, and that like not healthy 
be, and me too gruselig, but if that perhaps their child be and 
since still a whole close linkage be, then be that perhaps also 
not absolute operate so to start.

Later one can let be situated then still times a book with 
corpses somewhere between in the larva stage and bone stage, if 
one has the feeling, the bracket too much and does not let the 
corpse perhaps not in peace rot, but tries a spirit to schlumpfen, 
which remains with them, until they are dead.

If one has a sense-censored Westie before itself, which is fixed 
on any dead one, and now unbeding to have one wants, does not need 
a high-speed course as medium that not unbeding to out-wet, until 
equal sector way in other people can kieken.

Thus LSD is not necessarily necessary and in this case perhaps 
also dangerous.

To reprogrammieren it can to be enough, someone relative fixed, 
if that sober is and one on THC. (I find's to best three days after 
LSD, which strikes normally  ratterzoing in the transmission, above 
all if one nichtgekifft  with LSD income and thereafter and then by 
Blubber one draufsetzt there, also perhaps quite interesting for 
those, with Telekinese  deals with itself.) 

Approx. 1,40 Buddha moderately opposite-plants, other verklickern 
the fact that it is to stare to one good by those Glub but the 
focus gefaelligst down-taken by one and also from own halo, and 
all points outside of of it parallel ferries is, and if possible 
no own still motor axon operation to make is.

With breathing also on different energies go.

Even outside at the heading on the right of and left beside the 
occipitalen Cortex direct past and by the Optinerven also, but 
naturally many more clean-takes into the own focus.
If one does not hold the focus at all outside in the space, that 
can become difficult for the other one.

I often dry-dock more on the halo, and scanne, where the other 
one is with its energies, and copy then energy data and connect as 
it were Neocortexenergien through outward.
Then usually something lasts, until the Besizter also central 
also adjusts it bong and that, so that it is no longer so arduous 
for one.

If the other one has a few hundreds gebong, halo learns from the 
occipitalen Cortex abscannen to let central, until it, occipital 
to connect through.

Then the whole again on 3m and 4m.

Finished is the high-speed course.

Is enough, those does not need necessarily with the corpse in the 
detail to connect through.

Main thing, which can locate vaguely, where the other one is 
underground, and as one holds ' ne connection there.

If you are Koerperakashasurfer, I would nevertheless not show in 
so a case by the way also perhaps the other one, how one through-
docks with the body.

I assume that one should point out that on so a cemetery a corpse 
is dug not only absolutely, who can react to Akashafluktuationen.

The title " does not vonet Janze " had without reason but faith 
with inside, and I legend not that everything like that is.

Something, where I do not exclude that it is likewise false, even 
very possible:  I looked at myself a book among other things with 
photos of Indians, from whom some Magier were.

The Akashaeffekt differences were fascinating.

And with one I gekriegt the back echo that there which different 
it is it further tried, then suddenly had the feeling that that is 
dead. I read the date in the text beside the picture, and meant that 
he is probably really already dead, because there already older and 
longer time worked ago was.

With one, of which it meant that it can assume in the whole 
world, " disappeared " the heading occasionally completely, and 
the body went but transzendierte strongly into other 
Akashabereiche more rueber, for my perception not completely.

Other topic:  
Ne series joints had intus (magically fascinatingly 
however quite unhealthily), and with the Akashasurfen times again 
noticed with the last winter sun turning celebration ' ne half E, 
old kite pasteboards and ' that there are completely determined 
areas there, where the Sprachstrukturierer umkoppelt.
It can occur that I in the middle am in the record, and the other 
one controls the transzendentalen Akashabereiche, which feels, of 
" halbtranzendentalen " more rueber like many more direct 
connecting through, and so long " I do not resist " wars I the 
record no longer to end.

Whereupon I have the other gene fuselage forward sections that he 
is and there times a few rounds change.


It give which, there can I still lively abquasseln, 
with halbtranszendentalen wird's already easy difficult and I must 
something control with I nevertheless still talk can, and if the 
other magic " connect through " (I have not in such a way drauf 
note, because with me MCD Schlumpf usually eh the sequencer the 
check have and I with mean other stuff employ be, but possibly be 
there also the point, where complete of see on " see " 
ruebergeschaltet), then feel itself the on, as if several sector 
the function change, whereby the Sprachstrukturierer the issue 
make. If I should guess/advise times wildly, I would not exclude that 
so the point is, where perhaps the area rueberschaltet in front 
with the remainder of the " sensor helmet " again on older 
functions. I had so the volatile impression, as if centers through-couple 
subatomically in such a way that to Druchgang it is switched there 
in front and in addition not only a sector umkoppelt.

The Funktionsumkoppelung accompanied directly with the then 
following very changed subatomic perception.

The other one had unfortunately then no more desire, otherwise I 
would have that gladly gene fuselage forward section that he stops 
me times exactly the ranges, where switching is, and there 


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