verbal vs. non-verbal memory

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This topic touches on a sore spot in many people.

And Frank LeFevre is not alone in reacting defensively (AEVASIVEly) for this
reason.  That is, the fact that most of us have "engrams" [alt. "primal
Pain" (or just "Pain") or "CURSES" (short and sweet for e.g. "Conditioned-in
Unconsciously Reactive Stressors Effecting (EVASIVE) Symptoms"] caused by
"Specific ~'Hibernation'~ Imploring Type Situations" in **preverbal** stages
of our (own) lifes.

By the way, it gets highly ironic when people who purport that they are
trying to understand the human brain (in their capacity of being
professionals in a profession dedicated to the study of how the brain works,
and thus how we are and behave) are by instinct and conditioning reluctant
("AEVASIVEly so") to make sense of brain and behavioural facts and factors
**that are available right in front of their noses***. However this becomes
especially ironic when what is being "AEVASIVEly ignored" is facts and
factors relevant to: the functional relationship between opioids, "memory
imprints" of certain kinds of adversity and their future co-motivational
influences on our learning and ongoing individual "choices" from an
available repertoire of potentially transiently dominant Behaviours
(including "mental/covert forms of Behaviour).

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <75v1cn$h5p at>...
>Where have you been looking?  Apparently not in a library.  Try one.
>One hardly knows where to begin, given that hundreds (thousands?) of
>papers have been published on these topics over the past few years (and
>for at least a couple of decades before that--e.g. Brenda Milner's and
>Doreen Kimura's early work).
>Before you ask for "ANY" info about such broad topics, make an effort
>to get SOME info by some effort greater than a wided-open internet
>query.  Is it possible you know NOTHING about these topics?  If you
>know SOMETHING, say what it is, so people inclined to answer will know
>where to begin (i.e. where you left off).
>Is normal scholarship dying???
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group
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>>I'm looking for any information about neuro or physiologic difference
>>between verbal and non-verbal memory.
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