Books on addiction

Kristian blasphemy at
Fri Dec 25 16:57:43 EST 1998

(Hi, it's me again.)

I'm looking for a book which deals throughtly with addiction; how addiction
works, how different drugs work and the withdrawal symptoms.

Any ideas?

Actually, maybe someone would to care to explain in brief for me the first
part - how addiction works.

Take for example caffeine; I know how it works, by attaching to the adenosin
receptors but not activating them, and thus blocks the "tiredness"-signals.

But why and how does the craving work? 
    Is it simply so that because of the caffeine administred, more receptors
have been built, and more adenosin can attach, and therefore the (previous)
user gets more tired than usual? 
    This doesn't explain the head ache and so on, so I'm pretty sure that's
not the explanation, but I just wanted to give an example of what I'm

Thanks in advance.

You don't see these Little Fluffy Clouds anymore.

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