For the bombardment and toetung of others.

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Thu Dec 24 15:54:17 EST 1998

flefever at Frank LeFever) wrote:

>Is "toetung" an oblique reference to "toe jam"?
>Or just plain old foot-fetishism?

In German it means "killing".


Hey man, you should become a translator. You brilliant skill of
picking the wrong translations out of the dictionary and the awesome
grammar skills are stunning.

>>> > The Funktionsumkoppelung accompanied directly with the then
>>> > following very changed subatomic perception.

If you are referring to Funktionsumkoppelung I'd probably have picked
function reshunt or function shift in English.

>>> Is it just me or does this read like a cross between a Dr. Bronners
>soap bottle label and unflavored jello ?

To me it reads worse then some translations of Asians of something in
their langauge to English.

BTW, articles under "to yourney(wo)man into the Temple of The Mind are
for those who passed student levels and those interested.

In case you do not like them there is the trick of not downloading and
reading them. Or anything I write.

>>I think the idea is to read it real fast.  

If you mean the German version I doubt that, as I am MBD, and read
real slow, and therefore also do not have the concept of fast reading.

>Your rational mind gets
>beaten to shreds and you get some sort of enlightenment or something.

Enlightenment here mean certain stages you reach for example via
sort of subataomic superperception.

There are only very few people who are, and I only heard of some in
One of them is supposed to be coming to Hamburg next year, though I do
not know if he will.

I wonder how he will find artificial ranges here, as when I go to
prestages of enlightenment on Old Dragon Acid I get cancer danger red
There are loads of ranges here that I'd not advise anyone to run
through him in stages like in enlightenment, therefore I do not
believe that true enlightenmen here in Berlin is possible without
being bad for health.

"Seeing" some one prestages of enlightenment is perceived as
translucent to energies, and his halo extending into those around.

Meaning among other aspects that if I were to send magically I could
transcend his systems out the other side. 

But more seriously: If people are trying to publicly translate what I
write, would they mind to at first get far enough in German and maybe
also in Berlin slang that they do not simply pick the first word for
each German word popping up in their dictionary and use that for
translations of such brilliant grammar and expressing such interesting
degrees of intelligence?


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