Memory Disorder

Liam laim at
Sat Dec 26 17:08:09 EST 1998

I'm 34 with a memory disorder but the psychologists, and psychiatrists
don't know whats causing it.
I've had an EEG and CT.. both are normal, so I'm hoping its some sort
of neuro-transmitter imbalance etc, since it doesn't look like a
structural problem...?
I've seen somewhere that memory problems can be due to;
Lack of acetylcholine,serotonin,melatonin,or dopamine
Addison's disease,Lyme disease,Adrenal
insuffiency,hypopituifarism?,hypothyroidism,under or over active
parathyroid,hypoglycaemia,normal pressure hydrocephalus....phew!!

Someone said a Catecholamine fractional test may be more revealing...
(whatever that is?)  

I've has the problem all my life, haven't had a head injury or ever
taken drugs.
Would it be useful to have a blood test to see if I have any of the
above, or as I'm in good health does this preclude them?
Any ideas etc , would be very welcomed.

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