verbal vs. non-verbal memory

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Sat Dec 26 06:25:30 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <75v1cn$h5p at>...

>Is normal scholarship dying???

On the Internet Yes. I've only been here for 10 months and the most worrying
trend I see is the attitude of too many who think so much can be explained
in a few paragraphs.

People say books are dead, these must be the people who think everything is
easily explained. These days I'm not satisfied with any such explanation. I
have a collection of books I reread every now and then, if only because I
know that there are many things of which we are very ignorant of and a once
over is rarely going to teach us much.

More worryingly, all these kooks who purport to having received some special
revelation a la Calvinism, as if by some secret intuition they have
discerned the truth while the rest of continue to see the world through a
glass darkly.

I will be off line in the New Year. I sincerely thank all the thinking and
scholarly souls here who have helped me along in answering a few small
questions. To them I urge one and all to continue the good fight, keep
attacking the kooks and confusing the ignorant, thereby opening the door to
them learning something.

In a few months I hope to return and by then expect all and sundry here to
provide me with all the great mysteries of human consciousness. I could do
with a good laugh.

Thanks again and all the best for the New Year.

Permanently confused and very dazed.

"In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak, but for that one
must have long legs."

Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra.

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