verbal vs. non-verbal memory

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Thu Dec 24 20:46:40 EST 1998

There's no Physical distinction between "the two"... the "two's" only
the one thing.

You've "just" been misled by folks who've run off with your tax money,
'cause that's what their Profs taught them to do, and the Profs' Profs,
before them, and so on... back to the Beginning when all there was was

Ignorance had been "perpetuated", in this way, be-cause folks had not
comprehended the way the brain processes information. In an Absence of
an understanding of the way brains process information, the way that
brains process information tends strongly to value Learned Ignorance
because it's Familiar.

Understanding how brains process information is the "door" through which
one escapes the Tyranny of Ignorance (because Ignorance is Tyrannical, I
refer to it as the "Beast"... it's "time" we banished such into the
Nothingness whence it came). ken collins

[I can explain if you want to hear more. kpc]

shadowrunner at wrote:
> I'm looking for any information about neuro or physiologic difference
> between verbal and non-verbal memory.
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> Seth

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